Tuesday 23 February 2010

Once Upon A Coffee Break
Schloss Halbturn, Burgenland

Once upon a time,
on a particularly icy winter day,

in the middle of the country side,
there appeared out of nowhere

a beautiful castle
with a restaurant

that offered the weary traveler
hot coffee and the best croissant imaginable
at 9am in the morning!

Coffee Melange
Made with coffee beans
gathered from wild coffee trees
in Ethiopia and roasted locally
So good, I had to
have a second cup

Restaurant Knappenstöckl
Schloss Halbturn

Schloß Halbturn
was built in 1711 by
the Austrian Baroque architect
Lucas von Hildebrandt
as a hunting and summer residence
for the imperial family.

It is located 40 miles
southeast of Vienna and
open to visitors from early spring
into late autumn.


Images and text
first published in January
© 2010 by Merisi


  1. Dear readers,
    I hope you enjoy revisiting this enchanted place in the countryside, less than an hour from the city.
    I am out trying to capture fresh pictures,
    enjoy your day,

  2. Just amazing pics. Can't wait to visit the Schloss Halbthurn on my next trip.

  3. That hunting lodge is quite the place, and with a restaurant and cafe to go with! Wow, more than weary, I call that fortunate traveler...

    Do you know that if in Napoli you drink the complimentary glass of water AFTER your caffè, the barista will take it as a personal offence? The water is there to clean the mouth and prepare it for the coffee. How I love coffee.

    Ciao Merisina
    ELe xx

  4. Dear Merisi -- enduring the cold to find more pictures for us. I'll hope she finds some more good coffee houses with wonderful things to eat and drink!

  5. Wow--what a beautiful place! It's out of a storybook. Thanks for sharing this with us. I'll be transported from my tasks at hand here... Enjoy your day!

  6. i am over here swoooning!


    as stated above:

    '''out of a storybook'''

    isn't this the land
    where faerie tales begin?
    i think so...

  7. THat's a fairy tale I could sink my teeth into.

  8. I would love to have coffee in a castle.

  9. Hello Merisi.

    It's a pleasure to re-visit this amazing place ... the coffee is still marvelous.

    I also want to praise those snow photos on the prior post. The snow barriers are beautiful. I have never before seen them and really find them scultural. Funny to see the windmill just behind.

    Best wishes on having a great day out with your camera. xo

  10. Beautiful interiors, beautiful building, a perfect place for an elegant snack and cofffe

  11. Beautiful interiors, beautiful building, a perfect place for an elegant snack and cofffe

  12. I am coming from LENA's blog (sous le figuier)
    I'm back from 1 week in Vienna and I think I am in love. I project to return when the weather will be better to see the fountains and the gardens !
    I walked all days long and I know I'have saw nothing or quite nothing

    what a lovely place !!

  13. Now that is an Elegant coffee break!

  14. Beautiful, so calm and quiet are these and hmmm, had you already eaten your Croissant, or had it not yet arrived . Lovely as always~

  15. Oooooooo!
    Coffee Break tuesday again :)
    I love it..Happy as a clam
    Hmmmm...you wouldn't have any of those gorge pics you took in Strausburg(sp) or is it Salzburg of cakes around would you?
    Desperately seeking a piece of cake...ahem

  16. The contrast between icy white and warming red is very effective here. Has your consumption of coffee increased during the Vienna years?

  17. Merisi, have missed your wonderful images...nice to see you again :)

  18. Merisa, this is gorgeous. It makes me think I'm missing something by avoiding the winter weather in Europe. Everything looks so serene.

  19. You are so lucky. Go to great place and have two cup of wild coffee.


  20. Loved the curving staircase with the antler decorations above. Of course, the best photo is of the coffee just waiting to be sipped and enjoyed.

  21. Thank you, dear Readers,
    for your comments!
    I am a little stressed for time, but reading your comments I do take the time and enjoy it.
    A wonderful day to all of you,

  22. Just amazing. I always feel better once I see your photos.

  23. SCHLOSS HALBTHURN...Carissima Merisi....and if I would like to copy the " entrance - gate - architecture " of this Marvel in White...?
    I actually have to do a litttle "restauration" on our entrance gate........What Inspiration....!!!!!!!!
    WONDERFUL IMAGE....the icy light reflects the white even more...!!
    Have a wonderful evening!!!
    ciao ciao elvira

  24. What a beautiful place to have some coffee and a croissant on a cold, cold winter day!

  25. I just read through all your comments, again.
    Thank you once more! :-)

    that gate is a marvel, isn't it?

  26. What a gorgeous place. You never fail to capture amazing shots.


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