Thursday 4 February 2010

Please Bear With Me: February Clearance Everything Must Go!

Shop Window
Fasching - Carnevale -
is in full swing here in Vienna.
I found this festively decorated window
cum reflections in the 9th District

Wiener Guglhupf
Diet size, in a snow globe
Couldn't throw that one
in the dustbin, could I?

ShipAccidents Happen!
A crowd bears with
the sorry victim
Galerie Ambiente

Teddy Bear Collection
Not for sale!
Enbiggiate* the scene by clicking,
but don't mess with the cockroach
Galerie Ambiente

Snow Dusted Park Benches
communing with the early morning sun

Would You Please
lower the bar
so I could join you too?
Framed picture

Vergine Cobble Stones
after a night's snowfall
It took me something like
123 exposures to get it right.
I had to post it at some point,
and if it was in a clearance post
. ;-)

* enbiggiate:
As far as I am aware of,
we have to thank Steph, the "Incurable Insomniac"
for this Little Word Music. Dankeschön, Steph!


I hope you don't mind
this little Sammelsurium
of images that otherwise would have been left
on the virtual cutting room floor.

Images and Text
© 2010 by Merisi


  1. Thank you for your very wise decision not to consign these delights to any cutting room floor. Goodness! The idea that we would not have been granted a chance to see and remember these images is a bit alarming.

    It's hard to pick a favorite amongst them. The shop window with brilliant colors hanging against the subdued reflection. Teddybears at the accident scene, snowy ghosty cobblestones, and more.

    Thank you again, dear Merisi!

  2. Those teddies look like they could tell some stories...well loved I think

  3. like the snow on the cobblestones...they look like they have been dusted with confection sugar :)
    and the coffee on the railing...lovely too.
    well, everything wonderful!

  4. Thanks for not keeping these hidden! Love the park benches!

  5. I love the cake in the snowglobe and the cobblestones too.

    A friend of mine once lived in a storefront and after curtaining off the front window for privacy- she made a display of bears in the window. She would rearrange them every couple of days into new scenes. A man who passed by regularly started to leave notes for the bears and the bears began to answer his notes. And so began a love affair with a very happy ending.

  6. oh Merisi, your eyes and your mind SEE so much!!

    l have just read your post over at Davids, and l CONGRATULATE you on your UNI clever thing....will you still blog?? l wonder!

    Saz xx

  7. There was a time that I collected bears for my child-clients, but I stopped when another therapist was giving them away for her clients!
    Love these bears, collecting them is so addictive!
    Love the photo of the benches in the park too!

  8. A wonderful post of odds and ends -- I wouldn't want to have missed any of them, especially the teddies. Especially the teddy bystanders at the accident.

  9. The cobblestones with the snow look like the footprints of strange beasts and beings.

  10. Absolutely delightful! I love the powdered cobble stones!

  11. Beautiful pictures! I've always wanted to go to Vienna-it fascinates me. The store in the picture is so cute.



  12. Whee!!!!! Saved the best for last did you?

  13. I love that last picture with the teacup and the skier. What a perfect outdoor tea experience.

  14. I love the Guglhupf snowglobe!! We are awaiting what they are calling "Snowmageddon" here in DC, lots of snow forecasted for this weekend. And I thought I was getting off easy by spending the winter here instead of in Austria...

  15. Great blog Merisi! I was in Vienna in 1987.. so it's been awhile. Nice to see the city again...... your photographs are so cheerful and spirited : ) Didn't know you celebrated Carnevale in Vienna... Have fun!

  16. a stunning collection you have here!

  17. Très beau !!! Love the bench picture, so romantic

  18. Am I the only one creeped out by a bear with a huge, scary-looking bug in his crotch? The other two bears are like, "Dude, you are so not invited to this tea party until you get rid of your crotch bugs."

  19. When enbiggened , the Teddies aren't quite what I thought they were. The cockroach is pretty scary. Oh my....
    I'm glad you didn't cut the park benches either. I love the whole composition. Great photos as always.

  20. Thank you all so very much for your comments!
    I had quite a chuckles at your remarks about the cockroach, among others. ;-)
    Sue, these are very old bears: What was it that you did not see when you enbiggiated the pictures?

  21. Wow, love the cobble stones, and the park bench...ok, all of them!
    Thank you! I love checking in on your Vienna.

  22. FAB bunch of pics!!!
    Though I don't like the scorpian about to stick the bear :(
    LOVE that poster!!!


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