Friday 5 February 2010

February Elegy

Construction Site
Down by the Danube river
22nd District

Reeds and Ice
New Danube river
22nd District

Spindle Fruits
By the Danube river
22nd District

Among the Reeds
Black coots playing
hide and seek
New Danube
22nd District

Chestnuts in Jute Sack
Hans Boehle Delikatessen
1st District

Besoffener Kapuzziner
Drunken Capuccin
Schöne Perle
2nd District


A Winter Walk

In case you were wondering
how one can walk from
the 22nd District to the 2nd and First:
The metro U1 takes you from the city center
at Stephansplatz in a few minutes
to Donauinsel (Danube Island).
There you walk a few miles and
board the U1 at Kaisermühlen or Alte Donau
and head back a few stops to Nestroyplatz.
Walk five minutes to feast
on Drunken Monks!

I took this walk and ride excursion
exactly a year ago today.
Today, I am sitting at my desk,
trying to figure out how to run
an automatic back-up of my files
on an external hard drive.
Please don't ask. :-(
As far as the picture quality is concerned,
I had to steal them from my own blog
(gosh is that easy - easy life for thieves
who don't have to spend time and money
to get their pictures
because my iPhoto archive
does not speak to me since I started
my archiving endeavour. :-(

Photographs and Text
© by Merisi 2010


  1. An interior designer would kill for those exquisite neutral shades.

    Good luck with that backup!

  2. Vicki,
    Mother Nature has the best colour palette around, hasn't she?
    Thank you for your good wishes. I dearly need them. Moments ago I had the biggest scare, one that sent me sobbing into the corner: All of a sudden all the pictures but one were gone. And I had pushed the empty trash button that very moment. Nothing left. My sweet daughter found them, all 17,000 hiding behind a single foto. Rascals!

  3. My favorite is the "reeds and ice"

  4. Charles,
    it was freezing cold, but I had so much fun observing the vegetation at rest and watching the water creatures trying to eke out a living in this harsh conditions.

  5. i love these virtual tours you take us on...

  6. Andre Veloux05 February, 2010

    I can't find your email Merisi. Here's a link for you:

    PS lomos are cool

  7. Know what you mean, play around with these machines and they soon show you who's boss. I have just joined Facebook and wish I hadn't because now everything goes through it and I don't know where the H... I am.

    Are thse wonderful pics part of your clean out, Merisi? I mean even a construction site is PRISTINE. I think that elves scamper out under cover of darkness and brush a duster over everything.

  8. Shadow,
    can't wait myself to take another tour! ;-)

    thank you!
    I am familiar with Lomos,
    the analog ones. Will check the Link!

    the pictures have been found, but all 17,000 are now in one folder instead of being devided by date and location, as I had so diligently saved them. Well, I am grateful to at least have found the pictures again!

    Regarding the elves who clean up after everything, you may be right! One of the first times I came to Vienna before moving here, I arrived from Kiev: Walking around the First District that evening, the cobble-stoned streets seemed to be licked clean, everything was so quiet, I felt as if I had landed on some distant incredibly clean planet.

  9. Oh my, what a scare you got. I know where you are coming from. I must back up my pictures too. I am so lazy and don't exactly know how to do it. I would be devestated if I lost my pictures.
    I love the subtle shades of tan and cream in these photos. Very lovely. I would like to have a taste of the drunken cake too.
    Have a wonderful weekend Merisi.

  10. Photowannabe,
    I just left you a note on your blog:
    I beg you to please back up your pictures, at least twice! This new technology is very unreliable, a little glitch, and all is gone.

  11. I would quite happily live in that little water shed.

  12. You've offered us silver and gold today! Gosh, that last photo is calling my name very loudly...

    I fooled around one time with my iPhoto files, renaming them in the hard drive and putting them in folders. Yikes! After that nothing would open...I had to reconstruct them somehow back to their originals. After that, I just let it do whatever it wants and figure out another way to find a photo.

  13. Well, Merisi, the post, and all the prior comments back and forth, show what wonderful global connections are possible.

    Many thanks to that sweet daughter. Please give her a few more hugs sent along the web from someone who'd have been very sad if your photos had been lost. Getting that new file re-filed does sound a bit of a task.

    The colors of nature in you photos made me think of ... a melange at Demel's. See what a pupil you have here.

    I do look forward to seeing what you will post next. xo

  14. Hi Merisi

    I gather you have an Apple as you mention iphoto. Do you know that if you buy an Apple Time Capsule it backs up automatically as many times a day as you want. Its also wireless and has a 500gb. hd. Possibly I am telling you something you already know but if you drag your folders from iphoto and drop them on the desk top its easy to down load from there. They are still in iphoto. I have over 22000 on mine but also download to DVD's regularly as another safeguard. I know exactly how you felt when you thought you lost them been there but not any more.

    For months I have had my daily fix off your blog. you have an exceptional eye for a photo.


    Judith (Australia )

  15. Very beautiful, atmospheric photographs Merisi. One can feel the cold, so effective. Of course, then the last photo will work to warm us up :)

  16. Hi there, first up! SO so so glad that you've turned the sticky marmalade load even better with the cranberries! I love that chewy crimson addition! And secondly, can I please just go to Vienna already? haha. Daydreams of sachertortes and cafes are seriously clouding my head.


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