Saturday 16 January 2010

Sledding With Coffee, Anyone?

Lindwurm Inn
Ghelenstrasse 44
13th District

Built in the 19th Century
as a summer residence for a
Viennese Lederhosen manufacturer,
this Swiss chalet-style abode
was converted into a restaurant
in 1905, and has been offering
a warm meal and coffee with a view
at the edge of the Lainz Game Reserve
for more than a 100 years

In the mood
for a sled ride?
Just walk out the garden gate
and downhill you go!

A cup of coffee
before hitting the slopes?

Maxie can't contain
his excitement:
"Where are my skis?"

Saturday Morning
at Gasthaus Lindwurm,
a 15 minute metro ride and
a few bus stops from the city center
in the 13th District

Images and Text
© by Merisi 2010


  1. The building of the Lindwurm Inn is so inviting and attractive. Aaah, sledding -the favorite thing of my (then younger) kids to do when we would drive up to the snow:)

  2. Beautiful images! I like the little planter with the snow adorning the brown stems.

  3. Do you drink tea much?

  4. Jeanette,
    the fact that this place is within city limits and can be reached by public transportation, yet seems worlds away, is the best part for me.

    Vicki Lane,
    yes, really pretty!

    Fat, Frumpy, Fifty,
    I would call myself an addicted tea drinker.
    I drink tea all the time, coffee only once a day
    (btw I poured the coffee in the picture behind a bush, it was so awful - the morning was too young, apparently).

  5. What gorgeous pictures Merisi!
    I wonder if that coffee had a shot of warming schnapps in it?

  6. Wandring Star,
    we shall never know! ;-)

  7. Gorgeous! I want to be there.

  8. Utterly lovely! Thanks again so much for sharing your thoughts and images, which so totally transport me.

  9. Hello Merisi,

    It's really warmed up here in NYC, no gloves required when I walked through the Park today.

    Your snow scene is great ... I agree that it is always charming to find a site like this that can be reached without too much bother by a city dweller.

    Sorry the coffee disappointed. The cup and saucer are elegant.

    Best wishes. xo

  10. What an inviting Inn....even in the snow! It's in the city limits? Wow!!! Little Maxie is just ADORABLE.....of course, having grown up with doxies, I'm a little partial. :D Hugs to you and Maxie......

  11. Merisi this place must have a wonderful sense of tradition. Are you sure that Maxie is not calling for his ledehosen and fur lined mocasins?

  12. That scenery is gorgeous. I can only imagine how wonderful it would be to sip coffee looking out the window there.

  13. I agree...too bad about the coffee, as I love the cup and saucer!

    Happy New Year! I'm enjoying your blog and your photos...


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