Sunday 17 January 2010


I got only one quick shot
of the tulips being kissed by the morning sun,
then the brief moment was gone.

The apartment came with a white kitchen
with white tiles and red grout,
even on the floor.

Apart from this little design flaw,
it's a great Miele kitchen
with ingenious cabinet features.

I have learned to love it
and play with the red accents.

I even got myself a fire engine red
KitchenAid mixer. ;-)


Every now and then, I go domestic.
Here's a picture from my blog,
dated March 6, 2006:

Please help yourself
to a cup of tea and a


Warning: Recycled post!
Originally published
under the headings

"Kissed by the Sun"
and "Tea For All"
on January 17th, 2007
and January 28th, 2008.

All these images
were captured with
my beloved - and now gone -
little Sony Cybershot.


  1. Puppenkrapfen! Leaping Lizards - I haven't seen one of those before.

  2. I am jealous of your fire engine red KitchenAid. I want one!

    Thank you so much for all your get well wishes, by the way. I'm nearly there!

  3. Some posts are so good, so fantastic that they deserve a second life. I love your sense of color, it is fantastic.

  4. Love the tulips! Mice or voles wreak havoc in my garden, eating some bulbs every year so I have too few tulips to pick.

    And how cheerful the red accents in your kitchen are!

  5. What a delightful glimpse of your bright and cheerful kitchen, Merisi. I love the touches of red and the tulips are like a bouquet of sunshine.

  6. Red tulips :) adorable :)
    I like the colours in your kitchen :)

  7. red is my fav color...and so like the red and white theme in your lovely kitchen. beautiful...and the light coming from the
    when i bought my kitchen aide they did not have red ones yet...i have a cobalt blue one ^..^
    have a lovely day

  8. I see the glass toadstools like the sunbeams, too - they are adorable!

  9. your kitchen looks lovely! cheerful. bright. them tulips, um um ummmm

  10. I'd love one of your Krapfen. Guten Appetit!
    Ah, I forgot, they're probably quite stale by now.

  11. @ Friko,
    they are fresh, trust me! :-)))

  12. Merisi, I am loving all your recent posts and this one which is not so recent but still loved. Some days just ambling around your blog is so enjoyable. A Sunday morning "must check in here" treat.

  13. Red and white is so cheery--these are wonderful images, and the yellow tulips at the end fit in beautifully with the other primary reds.

  14. I wish you a lot of nice mornings in your cheery pretty kitchen! Keep a place for me, I love Krapfen and don't eat any since...I was ten.

  15. The bottom photo is the one that led me to your site long ago. I found it on a Google image search and followed it to your site. The rest is history!

    Red KitchenAid? Fantastic!

  16. Can I come for breakfast... please?

  17. Thank you all for your comments,
    you are all so sweet (if I may say so)!

    In my previous home in Washington DC I used to hold an open house on Fat Tuesday, baking a whole gross (a dozen dozens) of Puppenkrapfen. As many as my friends tried to eat, they never managed to finish them all. Maybe we should plan a virtual Krapfen-Fest? ;-)

  18. Yes, Merisi, that virtual Krapfen-Fest would be swell.

    I also love the red-white combo in my kitchen alcove. No bright window light, but those colors still keep spirits lofty while meals are prepared.

    Little joke here? You have a red theme, but do a Green bit with your recycling.


  19. The last shot!
    Damn my diet!

  20. Merisi, would consider giving us your Puppenkrapfen recipe? Is it like a filled doughnut?

  21. May I dunk my Puppenkrapfen in my cappuccino while you explain what that Limoncello jar contained, pelase?

    Love the red accents in the kitchen... LOVE them!!

    Ciao Merisi, sei un mito.

    RIP my Sony Cybershot too...

  22. Frances,
    green, yes! ;-) I needed all my energy yesterday to cook and take care of visitors and walk Maxie. ;-)

    I won't be doing a meme or such (simply a matter of not be able to spare time beyond putting up my daily blog), but I will post a Puppenkrapfen recipe before Fat Tuesday.

    imagine, virtual noshing has no calories! :-)

    I will try to translate my recipe (which I dare say is special, by trial and error - many many errors! - I put it together from several I found or was handed over the years).

    I still have the jar (a sweet memory of a friend)!
    It contains white rock and Limoncello (an Italian liqueur made with lemon peels steeped in alcohol and sugar syrup, for those who are not familiar with that addictive digestif). Add 1 tsp to either tea or a glass of Champagne, the label suggests. I always forget about it. ;-)

  23. ...In response to your coment on my photoblog, my reply is... BOTH: delay Venice and anticipate Rome, no? Ti aspetto a braccia aperte!

    PS The limoncello rock stuff sounds divine!

  24. I love tulips, in any color!

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  26. Je viens souvent Admirer ton blog sans laisser de commentaires car je ne parle pas anglais !!!
    mais tes photos sont si belles ... j'adore les tasses de café, comme toi, je les photographie souvent !

  27. I adore your cheery kitchen reds! This was well worth recycling, Merisi. Thank you!

  28. Eleonora,
    ci penso!
    I can't stop thinking about both,
    even though I was in Rome twice last year,
    the last time in September (thrice in Venice, but that's so close, it doesn't count, does it?).

    I get tipsy from even a tiny amount of alcohol, so I'll have to find an evening where I can finally indulge in a cup of tea with that limencello stuff!

  29. Gaston Studio,
    I always have to resist not to buy an armload of all the jewel colours every time I see some for sale. ;-)

    1 2 3 ,
    I have a bridge in Brooklyn .... ;-)

    thank you, merci!
    Don't worry, I can read French! :-)

    I have gotten so used to the red grout, I would probably paint a new kitchen red too! :-)

  30. I really miss my little Sony Cybershot too. Learing to like my Lumix but its not quite the same.
    Love the happy red kitchen.

  31. Photowannabe,
    I feel exactly the same!
    There are situations were I simply cannot handle the Lumix the way I could with the Sony. It was a magic camera!

  32. It may be a recycled post, but it's the first time I've seen it.

    An all white kitchen means you have to be a good housekeeper. I love how the white makes the colors even brighter.

  33. Thank you, Marilynne!
    Amazingly, this white kitchen's surfaces are easier to maintain than the dark wood one I had before in the States. Life's full of surprises! ;-)

  34. I hope you still like that Kitchen Aid mixer when you move to a apartment with blue tile.

  35. One image is more delightful that the other...and the last one with Krofne - oh, my!

  36. What delightful images....thanks for posting them again!


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