Monday 11 January 2010

Round Midnight

always start
'round midnight ... *

Swarovsky Wien
Kärntner Strasse 24

© by Merisi 2010

* Thelonious Monk
(click to listen)


  1. We can't get away from that big M, can we?
    It follows us everywhere.

    You and Thelonious have just sent me through a journey on Youtube - I came out somewhere around Nina Simone performing Indigo Blue!

    I love the photos of sedums and grasses - plants I think of as dry climate plants - covered in snow.
    (i especially love the sedum one)

    And I love the blue of the gentleman jewellers - it's the colour of a winter's sky in Australia.

  2. ummm.... I meant Mood Indigo.

  3. Around midnight, something blue. something continues to be wonderful every time that I visit this site of your, Merisi.

    Even with that M! I will take it as a glowing version of your initial.


  4. I was appalled at the sight of the big M but shall adopt Frances's suggestion and tell myself it stands for Merisi. Now the pictures really shine!

  5. Hello,

    Regarding your desk, I cannot tell which line are you in? Yet I am familiar with the office desk environ as I have been in Vienna and been with its financial circule for so many times....


  6. Midnight? You have been busy!

  7. Beautiful shots.
    The "Monk" was nice, too.
    I was three years old when that came out. I remember it... ah yes, I remember it well.

  8. ...and mcdonalds is just everywhere.

  9. Ooooo I love their crystals. I must go there some day.

  10. You and your bluessssssssssssss
    Gorge..simply gorgeous (even thought gorgeous means multi-colored...)

  11. Was Merisi really lurking around the back-streets of Vienna at midnight? Great pictures anyway :-)

  12. Thank you all! :-)

    I walked by the store this morning shortly after 5am and discovered that that beautiful blue is gone! Must have been part of the Christmas illumination. Kärntner Strasse still had the Christmas lights overhead, the chandeliers at Graben are still hanging, but were not lit this morning. Still, they were beautiful to look at as the night retreated.

  13. Vienna, so far I've seen so much vivid blue that I can escape hearing Miles Davis' Blue in Green in my mind. Very lovely and the McDonalds signage doesn't bother me one bit, just another landmark in the landscape.


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