Monday 11 January 2010

Blue Monday

A Jeweler and A Gentleman
Of The Old School

Juwelen Daniel


My Desk
Partial View


© by Merisi 2010


  1. I love this photo! It shows just a slice of life in your world so far away from mine. In fact, your blog is beautiful! Happy Blue Monday!

  2. I am always surprised here, a walk down a neighborhood I could only imagine.

    Then, you show us your desk and it says: there is a real person taking us on these walks, with multiple interests, rich options all over the place.

    Thanks, Merisi. Your blog is truly a Caramel Macchiato!

  3. Looks like work is getting done on that desk.

  4. Merisi, your Blue Monday picture is so beautiful that Monday is no longer blue (sad or downbeat) but shimmers in the sun and fresh air. Brava Merisi!

  5. I love the first photo of the gentleman of the old school.

    Put a few more things on your desk and it could start to resemble mine! lol

  6. Juju,
    you mean those fabulous Ikea chairs? *giggles*

    Carolyn Ford,
    thank you,
    a wonderful start of the week to you!

    thank you! :-)
    I manage to only catch thin slices of life here, somehow those pesky duties are way too often in my way.

    Charles Gramlich,
    I cannot tell you how much I love filing and creating back-ups. ;-)

    Margaret Benbow,
    the sight of that gentleman (I was fortunate enough to have my camera ready and to catch him just in time) warm me heart too!

    why do you think I don't show the whole mess?
    I wished I found a way to get order into my files without having to resort to throw the whole shebang on the dining room table! ;-)

  7. a good afternoon.
    lovely captures.
    your desk ... needless to say mine is quite similar. i so try to organize but more stuff gets added before i finish last project ;)
    do you catalog what you have taken and mark off in some sort of way?
    just curious?

  8. The Good Life in Virginia,
    I try to create a catalog, it's decisions decisions decisions and so much time involved, I am not even sure it's worth it. After all, it's only for my delight.
    Says she and throws her hands up .... ;-)

  9. I want to go to that shop!

  10. She Writes,
    you know, I was thinking the same!
    How many days to my birthday ..... ;-)

  11. ou are showing me this facade to torture me and you have succeeded!
    Yr desktop is magnificent and and a work of art!
    Chaos reins supreme on mine...

  12. I love your desk--colorful, beautiful, productive: that's what I see.

  13. The contrasts in the photos made me laugh. 1st one-elegant and sophisticated, 2nd one- the inevitable clutter of a busy working woman's desk!

  14. That color of blue is so perfect that I cannot help but be cheered because of it.

    And your desk looks like someone who has a great deal going on.

    Thank you for your kind words.

  15. Love that blue! Vienna must have the most beautiful storefronts in the world!

  16. Such a beautiful shade of blue! I came across a jewelery store yesterday, btw, where the owner was selling tacos out front. A little strange but very delicious.

    And seeing other people's desks is always so interesting, like browsing through their bookshelves.

  17. That is one blue building and your desk is not that bad. mine is alot worse most of the time.

  18. ha! merisi i posted my desk on sunday (on san pedro daily photo)!
    hope you're well!


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