Monday 28 December 2009

Stopping by Demel on a Sunny Afternoon

"Whose woods
these are
I think I know."
You do too,
don't you?

marzipan Christmas trees
and white meringue kisses
in cellophane bags
with golden bows
in glass cookie jar

Glass Vetrine
Rows of Viennese Guglhupf
on silvern footed cake stands,
gift-wrapped boxes
full of mystery

A Wiener Melange
Strong coffee that
pulls you out of your
afternoon listlessness!
See the plate of cookies?
Courtesy of the house,
melt-on-your tongue delicious
hand-made vanilla crescents!
I think I ate
three, no, four,
wait ....

The Demelinerin
Your Coffee Fairy,
keeping you
safe and in coffee ...

... or
hand-whipped cream,
if you'd rather go
onto that side of
the fluffy road -
not me,
I am of the
milk-foam congregation

These Guglhupf
sure look good!
Alright, move on,
we are on the way out,

'Til We Meet Again
And in the meantime,
we can dream,
can't we?


Photographed today
at K.u. K Hofzuckerbäcker
Demel Royal and Imperial Confectioners

Kohlmarkt 14
Where else?

Images & Own Text
© by Merisi

* Robert Frost


  1. Beautifully illustrated, beautifully described.

  2. Those old Viennese coffee shops, how wonderful.

  3. Oh I'd love to follow you around for a week or two. Great shots!

  4. Sweet dreams are made of this!

  5. Oh, I love crescents! And a melange too, if you please.

  6. Merisi, I took my camera with me today when I had to venture into midtown still decorated with lights and fancy. I hoped to click another picture or so. Yet, somehow the mood was very different from what you've shown us of Vienna.

    I did not click. I did leave my pearl earrings at Tiffany for an overnight repair. I will go back tomorrow and see if all looks different then.

    I love that bear by the chair in the prior post. He reminds me of a neighborhood tradition, a pink plastic flamingo that has lived in the little balconette outside a window of a building on my street. The whimsical person who lives inside that window garbs the flamingo to suit the season.

    Flamingo currently in Santa hat. Last month the flamingo tried a turkey disguise. Perhaps I'll remember to click my camera on that star, and leave the bright lights of midtown to themselves.


  7. mmmmm....that coffee shot...and all of the colors, just charming...dreamlike.

  8. I have missed your blog and your eye for elegance!

  9. . . . And miles to go before I sleep.

  10. Gorgeous stuff. Although with my wicked mind, I have to say that "A Wiener Melange" brought a different picture into my head... ha! I fully expected to see a hot dog stand instead of a coffee cup.


  11. Awww I felt the pounds attach theirselves to me just looking at this blog. Delicious....

  12. Thought you might like this post I wrote for the Royal Opera House Blog.

  13. Fine coffee and vanilla crescents...only ALL my vowel sounds will do: Ahhh, EEeee, Iiii, Ohhh, UUUUUUU!!!

  14. Ah, the delights of Wiener Kafee! I am of the hand whipped cream crowd:) The marzipan little Christmas trees look so cute!

  15. I have had the pleasure of visiting Demel in NYC in the Plaza and it was wonderful. I hope to someday visit the original in Vienna!!


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