Thursday 3 December 2009

May I Tempt You?

Crêpe Viennese Style
filled with apricot jam
Spode "Rome" plate

Served at "Cher Merisi"
Seconds, anyone?

I dare say that I am no slouch
in the Palatschinken Department:
I am confident that I could give
Christian Domschitz
a run for his money! ;-)


Images and Text
© by Merisi


  1. I thought I leave a little bit of a sweet thing for you all:
    I am sitting here, trying to get my 2009 archive not only in order, but burn all of it on CDs twice.

    I shall see if I come across some coffee to share. In the meantime, you can click on the title for more ... well, temptations. ;-)

    Christian Domschitz is now tempting his diners at the Vestibul restaurant, right in the Burgtheater (Vienna's National Theater), only a stone's throw from the Rose Garden! One of the best treats in town, wonderful food and an internal staircase takes you right to your seat in the theater, without having to leave the building! Of course, after the show, some coffee or such are also only a narrow staircase away! ;-) Such is Vienna, temptation is never far: Did you know that there's even a staircase called "Zuckerbäckerstiege", Confectioner's Staircase, in the Imperial Palace? I imagine Empress Elisabeth sneaking up there with a box full of candied violets (Demel's only a short walk from the palace, the empress was a very fit woman - see!). ;-)

  2. I could eat as many of those as you cared to make.

  3. I am used to make them by the dozens for my four kids and their friends, no one has ever left the table hungry. So, how many for you Steph? ;-)

  4. I'm sitting down, appreciating the thought and the taste. Love it all, the food, the china, the atmosphere. You do tempt us as nobody else can, Merisi. What a treat it is to be here. Thank you.

  5. Oh Yum!!!!
    Please may I come to tea the next time you make them? It will take me about three months if I start walking now:-)

  6. Ah, crepes! You're a woman with many talents. I never got the hang of it making them:)
    Where my daughters live, there is a crepe restaurant that specializes in crepes with all kinds of fillings -they also make dinner crepes - very very tasty!

  7. Yum-eee! I'm serioulsy craving crepes now. Merisi, I have a whole stack of those wonderful rosey vintage mismatched Spode plates I like to use at Christmas.

  8. My keyboard is going to be full of drool if you keep posting photos like these. Those crepes look absolutely delicious, and the presentation is lovely!

  9. What a temptress you are - if it's not food, it's photos that have us drooling!

  10. (Imagine here that I'm speaking directly to the crepes topped with apricot jam: "Ahhhh.....eeeeee.....IIIII.....ohhhhh.....youuuuuu!!!"

    Only ALL the vowel sounds will do for this treat!

  11. When I come to Vienna, you cook me Crepes, I'll cook you fried Okra!
    Very Beautiful Merisi! :)

  12. Oh, yes please, I would love one of those just now. Or maybe two, since you're offering seconds.

  13. Dear, dear Readers,
    trust me, I have the stamina and the experience to make enough palatschinken for all of you (and yes, I turn them high up in the air with the flick of a wrist): You just sit down with a cup of tea or coffee and all you need to do is decide which filling you'd rather have! Apricot is the classic jam to be spread on the palatschinke before it is rolled up and dusted with powdered sugar. My kids never liked that, so Knott's strawberry or raspberry it was. Or sugar, regular white sugar and then rolled up and thrown back into the pan to caramelize the sugar on top! I see that in Europe Nutella, a chocolate hazelnut spread from Italy, is the filling of choice for many kids and adults too. Mine have not up with this new custom (I am thankful , Nutella is the bane of my househould: My kids like to spread it on apple slices (quite healthy, isn't it?), but I was always the one who got tempted to finish off the opened jars left in the kitchen pantry! I now buy Nutella only under the condition that they hide it where I'll never find it (please don't ask about the midnight hour I have spent searching frantically for that hiding place!).

    Alright, back to the Palatschinken, who's next? ;-)

  14. Now that's just not fair. You have definitely tempted me. Apricot of my favorites. I'd love to have one of your creations.

  15. You tempt me to take down my crepe pan which has been given over to little omelets these past many years.
    I used to be able to produce quite decent crepes -- no fancy air flips though. Now where's that recipe...

  16. I've worked up quite an appetite here, reading all the comments and your informative and amusing remarks, Merisi. I think I can handle two crêpes with apricot jam, and a large coffee, please! I have my camera at the ready to record you in action.

  17. Good evening Merisi,

    I am now expecting you to show us some coffee house splendor, some amazing Viennese architecture or some rose that is the fairest of the fair.

    And then, you tempt us with your very own home skill. Yes, I would love to sample as many of these as you can toss in the air.

    Failing that, I am going to take my long-ignored crepe pan in hand and bring it back into season for this joyeous season. So many thanks to you for the inspiration. xo

  18. I make some pretty good crepes myself--yum. Wish I was home--I'd make some. Love the plate--I have a few of those myself, too! Looks delicious!

  19. Yes, you have tempted me. That looks so good.

  20. I was just thinking about something sweet! My thoughts ran to the 70% dark chocolate siting in the cupboard. Then I flirted with the idea of running out for a cornetto at the cafe. And then, voilà here you appear with delightful Palatschinke!!

    I'll have two, please.
    Shall I brew the coffee?

    Lola xx

  21. Sign me in as utterly tempted.
    Quite the most delicious food in blogland this morning.
    And i have the same plate.....

  22. You are always tempting Merisi.

  23. I gave up trying to make these. My industrial strength palatschinken contradict the whole idea of that light airy fluff! Sigh. Drool on the keyboard, yes, I SO identify!

  24. Thank you all for your generous comments! I'd love to have you all here for a Palatschinken party! Who knows, one fine day, perchance? ;-)

    I will write down the recipe for you!
    Most importantly, I shall teach you how to make the best Palatschinken ever. Promised!
    Right now I have to go with my family and check out the .... yes ... Christmas markets. I still don't feel like it's that time of the year again.

    A wonderful evening and weekend to all of you!

  25. I'd be tempted with just the fork. I'm just that easily tempted.


  26. Erin,
    I love this cutlery too (it is an old Richard Ginori design - this Italian porcelain manufacturer dates back to the 1700s - they seem to have stopped the cutlery line).

  27. I will definitely have an apricot crepe! And teh plate is just gorgeous.


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