Friday 4 December 2009

Coffee With Angels

Questions About Angels
"Of all the questions you might want to ask
about angels, the only one you ever hear
is how many can dance on the head of a pin
Billy Collins

Have you ever wondered
what angels do

besides giggling
about the utter silliness

of even trying
to stand on a pin?

Thinking about
having a cup of heavenly coffee Melange?
Right down here
in Vienna.

Saturday Morning
at Café Savoy

Savoy opens late
in the afternoon and into
the wee hours of the morning,
except Saturdays, when
you can have your coffee-fix
also in the morning.
Linke Wienzeile
Next to Naschmarkt
6th District


The first three lines
are quoted from
Billy Collins' poem "Questions About Angels.
The following silliness
is mine and is,
along with the images,
© by Merisi

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  1. I can't believe that I can't remember the name of the coffeehouse! It is on Wienzeile, right next to the Naschmarket, I think close to the Kettenbrückengasse metro station. I will find out as soon as I get back from the Christmas market tour which I am going to take this evening with my family!
    A wonderful evening and weekend to all of you!

  2. I think your angels look like fairies - or perhaps, fairies are just angels on holiday?!:)

  3. Merisi, it's very pleasant to have breakfast or a cappuccino with brioche at five o' clock in such a cosy coffeehouse.
    I hope you've enjoyed the Christmas market tour!

  4. What a beautiful post, makes me want to visit.

  5. The Angels are beautiful! And the coffee is are the photos!

  6. The only question I have ever wanted to ask of an angel is when (and how often) do the undertake a moult. I was told off by a tour guide in the salt mine at Krakow for licking an angel to prove she was carved out of salt.

  7. Your silliness is my cup scholade!

  8. (Overheard in a coffeehouse)

    First angel: Perhaps we should broaden our horizons and see a bit more of the world.

    Second angel (signaling for a melange): Why should we do that? Vienna is so heavenly.

  9. I've enjoyed a sweet angle dance while reading through your latest posts.

  10. Yep, definitely fairy wings but what a beautiful compote!

  11. Wow, and I mean WOW! I have been in so many Wien kaffeehaus and must have walked past thise door a few times. I bet the melange tastes as good as the decor looks! Is this the Art Deco Haus just across from the Naschmarkt I wonder?
    Thanks for a wonderfully enticing post Merisi.

  12. I agree,
    these definitely are fairies (the Art Deco style should have pointed me to that, I apologize), thank you to those of you who pointed it out to me!

    the Savoy is located in the 1897 built Palais Léon-Wernburg, close to Otter Bauer's Art Deco Wienzeilenhaus and Majolikahaus.
    So good to hear from you! :-)

    I am sitting here, slowly getting cross-eyed from trying to get my 2009 photo files in order and copied thrice and saved. What a relief to read your kind comments, thank you! :-)

  13. This feeling of the sublime in day-to-day living is something that I miss so much from my years in France! You captured the space so eloquently in your photos. Thank you for this.

  14. Beautiful and perfect. Thank you.

  15. Mersi, its always a delight to come here and see what you have posted. Don't know why angels would want to dance on the head of a pin anyway....
    You always make coffee look divine.

  16. I would like to have a cup of tea with the angels. ;-)


  17. Definitively, I adore your blog!I would like to be there!


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