Tuesday 8 December 2009

The Kaffeehaus Life

Out To Lunch
Café Central

More Newspapers,

7 December 2009
at lunchtime
by Merisi
who did not get to sit down -
every last table was taken!

© by Merisi


  1. WOW.
    I want a coffee house like that.

  2. Perfect day for a Kaffeehaus...

  3. Merisi, yours is the blog which when I finally catch up and have a good look by scrolling from the top of the page to the bottom, I utter "WOW" over and over again. Just beautiful. You capture the everyday and the holiday season like no other.

  4. And no sign of Santa riding down the street on his John Deere tractor, stopping in for a quick coffee and pastry?

  5. Just Love Cafe Central!

  6. ...Probably they have got a wide choise of wonderful cakes....mhhhh...I just would love some; just a little piece!
    I love the ambiente in the coffee house!
    Have a great week!

  7. As I sit here in the middle of a blizzard in Iowa, I'm enjoying your wonderful tour of an ellegant city...thank you so much!

    Next year my Christmas trees will be hanging upside down...I love the tradition of it...and the fad...

  8. Poor Mersi, no table. You think they would kick a customer out. Look all the free advertisement you give them.

  9. So where DID you eat? (I agree with Cathy -- they should have a table perpetually reserved for Merisi!)

  10. the kind of place i could while away a few hours...

  11. Your viennese cafés make me dream , even they are full and we can not sit

  12. Oh...I HAVE to come to Vienna and we HAVe to eat breakfast here! I love this place!! :)

  13. I honestly think they would have to kick me out of such a gorgeous coffee house. I would never want to leave.

  14. Looks like Newspapers are still big there!

  15. I don't know if you've ever seen the movie "The Illusionist", (if not, you should!) but there is one scene where Eisenheim (played by a very handsome Edward Norton) and his manager (played by Eddie Marsan) have a meeting in a cafe in Vienna, very like this one. I wonder if it was filmed in this very spot?

  16. Juju at Tales of Whimsy,
    it is one of the grand ones here.

    here too (again, a day later)!

    thank you! :-)

  17. louciao,
    as long as he leaves the tractor outside, I am sure he'd be served his coffee! ;-)

    me too, especially during the short periods of time when there are few patrons there! ;-)

    elvira pajarola,
    they do have quite a large selection of cakes and fine pastries. Too bad I haven't had the opportunity to taste them, but I know from reputable sources that they taste delicious.

  18. Sweet Repose,
    I expect to see pictures of your upside down tree next year! ;-)
    Stay safe!

    oh, they don't need me, there are lines out the door! ;-)

    Vicki Lane,
    I went to the nearby Department of X and had a lentil soup, quite good (I had walked into Central for their fabulous gulash soup, it was after two and I was quite hungry).

  19. Shadow,
    the ridiculous thing is that I have done that something like two times, three at the most, in the four years I have been living here! Somehow I haven't figured it out yet how to take the time.

    thank heaven there are enough of them that there's always a place somewhere. There are some peak hours and when the weather is bad, then the search for a table can become a pilgrimage indeed.

    Carol @ TheWritersPorch,
    yes, definitely!
    Not to forget the fried okra you will have to make.

  20. Yoli,
    they never ever kick anybody out!
    I have been at places past closing time, where the service stops, but they start cleaning around you, if necessary. Just don't fall asleep, that's when they would politely ask you to please go home. ;-))

    Charles Gramlich,
    did you notice how that gentleman hiding behind a newspaper is stockpiling so many he could open a newsstand? He scolded me for taking a picture, btw. Not that I recognized him.

    Looks like Newspapers are still big there!

  21. Marcheline,
    no, I haven't seen that movie. The movie was not shot in Vienna, according to Wikipedia, in Prague and other cities to the east.

  22. I think I will never come to Vienna.
    I would be disappointed if every step did not look like your blog.
    So there.

  23. Ah, my bad... it just looks so much like the same cafe that my brain must have morphed "Prague" into "Vienna"... perhaps they were talking about Vienna in the scene where they sat in the cafe. There was some reference, but I often get movies confused with real life.



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