Wednesday 9 December 2009

Coffee And A Smile, Anyone?

Best Espresso In Town
Yes, believe me,
I have done my research!

Kleines Café
Raindrops keep falling
on Franziskanerplatz,
but good coffee
brightens a grey day!

Need a smile?
Click on the picture!

Photographed by Merisi
9 December 2009
who actually got
to sit down and sip coffee!

© by Merisi


  1. a good coffee is great against this weather!

  2. You should make a coffee table book called, "The Ultimate Coffee Table Book; Coffee houses from around the world."

  3. The picture of coziness -- that second shot!

  4. Great photos--looks good on a dreary, freezing, rainy day.

  5. Oh, scrumptious!!! I'll have some of it with you!!! And the song? Love it...I practiced playing that on the piano for hours, and hours as a child!!! Such happy memories...Yes, indeed...a BIG,BIG smile, dearest Merisi!!! Love you~Janine XO

  6. Oh, the sweet agony when you post the coffee photos. Sigh...

  7. Once again while visiting, I am having a nice filtered coffee that goes so well with your photos. Oh, to have a lovely dessert at hand, though.

  8. a milk-coffe-lover or : cappuccino-lover I just LOVE the first one...!

  9. And did you manage to sip your espresso without coming up with a foam moustache? That would be worth a smile from your fellow patrons in Kleines cafe. I am enjoying a large mug of Bengal spice tea in the calm before the promised snow storm tonight. 20 cm expected: I'll gladly trade it for your raindrops!

  10. The coffee would be great right now, but the video clip is great anytime. I just loved it, why , oh why do wonderful people like Paul Newman have to grow old?

  11. Lara,
    the weather is quite unpleasant, I'd say, but then again, it could be worse. ;-)

    Juju at Tales of Whimsy,
    wouldn't that be fun! I'd love to do that. :-)

  12. Vicki Lane,
    it is as cozy as can be in there, really were small and very cozy. And the coffee oh so good, escaping the incessant rain for a few minutes even better!

    A Brush with Color,
    it's not freezing here, just dreary, incessant rain since yesterday, no light.

  13. Sniffles and Smiles,
    that makes me happy too! :-)

    Purest Green,
    maybe I should send a "Warning, Coffee Post" out before I actually post it? ;-)

  14. Barbara Martin,
    I had a ginger-bread tiramisu for dessert today .... thinking of deleting this again .... don't want to cause any agony .... ;-)

    elvira pajarola,
    this was one of the best caffè macchiato ever (I like they way they add a bit of foamed milk here). I'd have to travel all the way to Dolci e Dolcezze in Florence or Eustacchio in Rome for a similar quality.

  15. louciao,
    now I understand while everybody was smiling at the Kleine! ;-)))
    Stay safe!

    Paul Newman was such an extraordinary good actor and generous human being. He raised millions for charity with his Newman's Own salad dressing alone.

  16. a good cup of coffee and rain is a perfect combination.

  17. Andre Veloux10 December, 2009

    The best espresso in Vienna must be worth having, looks a bit like a hybrid capuccino no?

  18. That was a favourite song as a kid. :)

    Wondeful shots as always. Do you actually spend every day dining in a cafe.. or do you go in just for the photo ops?

  19. Andre,
    it's only foam,
    adds just the right amount of milk for a macchiato.

    I spend actually relatively little time in Kaffeehäuser and always consume when I take photos. Cafe Central the other day was an exception, I had walked in with the intention of eating a snack, but that hope evaporated when I realized there was simply no table available right away and I had not enough time to wait. So I left with the two photos.

    For Christmas I would like the gift of time to sit and read as many newspapers as the gentleman in the first picture. He must have been there for some time already, judging from the cups and plates on his table. ;-)

  20. Heaven... das Kaffeehaus meiner Träume

  21. Merisi, gehörte das Kleine Café nicht irgendeinen Promi?


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