Friday 11 December 2009

Fashion and Home Décor At Casa Claus

Mrs. Santa Claus
Strapless cocktail dress
and high heel red boots, white fur trim:
If that does not keep her husband home
this year, what will

Christmas Tree
No messy needles and sap
for Mrs. Claus:
Artificial pre-lit white tree
and red baubles it is

Santa Residence
Traditional fresh balsam firs
with big red bows
grace the entrance

To further promote
the red and white theme,
a white long haired goat's wool
Flokati pillow waits on the red velvet sofa
for Santa's return.


Image and Text
© by Merisi


  1. I'll take one of each please.

  2. You just never sleep do you!

  3. Loved the photos, and once upon a time I had a Flokati rug that I rescued from the garbage because someone couldn't be bothered to have it cleaned. Used it for years.

  4. Mrs. Claus seems über chic! The only sap in her house this year might be Mr. Claus in his baggy red suit!

  5. Merisi, I have never studied German, and actually enjoyed my only visit to Vienna, as someone without verbal language, relying totally on visual signals.

    It is a supreme pleasure to continue this tour of your city via your posts.

    Yet, how I do wish I knew how to praise your pictures's charms in the local language. I am floating a bit with each installment you post of holiday spirit in Vienna. xo

  6. Now if only I could fit into that dress ....

  7. I always suspected that Santa really looked more like Cary Grant than Burl Ives! So Mrs Claus should be a dazzler, too! Loved this!

  8. ParisBreakfasts,
    the entrance is actually of a jeweler's store. ;-)

    carpe diem, and if must be, the night too, is my motto. ;-)

    Charles Gramlich,
    all dolled up. ;-)

    Barbara Martin,
    white Flokati seem to be the de rigueur material for decorative pillows this year.

    Mr. Claus really would need a complete rework and not just a makeover! ;-)

    thank you!
    Don't worry about the language,
    I don't sound like a native either. ;-)

    I am worried about the high heels too. ;-)

    Sandi McBride,
    would that the real Santa would step out of his disguise! ;-)

  9. But what will all the little children do if Mrs Claus tempts her husband to stay at home?

  10. I did not realize that Santa might go for such modern looking residence but I love him better for it


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