Saturday 21 November 2009

What Was He Doing?

Still Life
with Curly Leaf and
Italian Parsley
in Raspberry and
Turquise Plastic Cups


Three clues:
One's in the image,
the second one's behind the image,
the third one
is in your
kitchen drawer.


at today's
Farmers' Market
Yppen Platz

Images and Tex
© by Merisi


  1. The parsley makes me want to cook :)

  2. He was "choppin' broccoli!" a la SNL skit with Dana Carvey.

  3. @ Juju:
    Tomorrow, I say,
    today I am too tired from gathering Thanksgiving goodies from two different farmers' markets! ;-)

    @ Steph:
    No SNL skit! ;-)

  4. I need to pick my Parsley and put it in a vase! Beautiful!

  5. Sorry, i saw your comment on my blog late... :((
    Welcome and thank you for your kindly visiting. I have been trying to add some information in English for a few days. it will be useful for foreign visitors and I think you will enjoy much more. It is nice to hear that you imagine stories around my photos. Thank you again.

    and a comment for your photo: he says "live for now!"... :)


  6. (That's the exact counter we have in our kitchen, even the oak trim!)

  7. Time for a little Chopin -- or perhaps Mack the Knife ...


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