Saturday 21 November 2009

Vienna Today

Aperol Spritz,
Hands up or down,
it was a tough week,
after all!

in the cookie jar
rose bucket

Oh Henry!
How can you
sleep at night?

"Come on in and get
your Henry's on our
Christmas Goodies"

Are They Thinking
about the Luck of the Irish?

Aperol Spritz,
after all that?

Pictures taken at:
La Salvia, Yppen Platz
Farmers' Market, Yppen Platz
Schleifmühlgasse, twice
Naschmarkt and
La Salvia, again
Farmers' Market at Naschmarkt

Images and Text
© by Merisi


  1. That last photo is beautiful! but what are the black things in the background?

  2. Oh, this post gave me such a wry smile!

    I find it a little sad that the name of such a popular and charismatic sportsman will go down in history tainted by a moment of carelessness.

    As you imply, I suspect he has had a few sleepless nights, and it will be a global irony if his nation should eventually lift the Jules Rimet trophy.

  3. So glad you stopped by my blog, and gave me an excuse to expand my blogroll yet again! 8-)

    See you soon!

    - M

  4. @ Vicki:
    These are winter radishes.
    My mother stores them in the root cellar, covered with sand. They make good salad, peeled, finely grated and mixed with a simple vinaigrette (a cup of water flavoured with apple vinegar to taste, a dash of sugar, salt, and a couple tablespoons of good oil). Goes well with roast pork.

    @ Maalie:
    I feel as if the fun has been taken out of the world cup already. What a black day for the sport! :-(

    @ Marcheline:
    You are welcome, thank you! :-)

  5. Oh, you make me smile even on a gray day!! Love this...And the colors in your photo--Aperol Spritz-- are simply incredible! Love the orange-read against the cobalt...that is certainly one for the gallery!!! Love you! Janine OX

  6. Funny, I've never tasted Aperol and happened to pick up a bottle this week.

  7. I keep trying to get images like yours, but mine lack the atmosphere, must be the european air differs from the dank, dark, damp brit air!! Rarley see anyone outside a cafe after September

  8. @ Sniffles and Smiles,
    the light streaming in the window was just perfect to highlight the Aperol Spritz.
    Hugs to you, Janine! :-)

  9. @ willow,
    you can jazz up your cranberry sauce with the Aperol! :-)))

    Seeing an Aperol Spritz I think of Venice: After 5pm, Venetians reach for a glass of their favorite apéritif and leave cappuccinos to the tourists. Thank heaven, this is one of the few alcoholic drinks I can enjoy without getting immediately tipsy. ;-)

  10. @ Fat, frumpy and fifty,
    natural light makes all the difference! On grey reflectionless days one could despair while searching for a worthwhile image.

    My first winter here, I could not get over the fact that Viennese will stay outside in any type of weather, and I mean really any! Freezing temperatures seem to awaken in them a desire to proof to St. Peter that they can't be shooed indoors, they will continue to enjoy their drinks outside no matter what. And not only for a quick glass, mind you, no, they will linger for hours!

  11. Most of this post is a mystery to me - I need a translator - but it is beautiful to look at, as always.

  12. Bee,
    clicking on the Aperol picture will tell you the story behind these pictures! ;-)

  13. I'm confused...English captions/signs in Vienna?

  14. How magical to have seen the Orient Express ....I think I need to add Vienna to my list!

  15. Wonderful photos as always, Merisi. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving--thanks for the kind wishes.

  16. Nice images, Merisi. Aperol is excellent, isn't it?
    Happy Sunday!

  17. You have an excellent eye for a moment in time! I wish I could see as you do! Thank you for kindly dropping by :) and the holiday wishes!

  18. @ Sarah Lulu,
    Vienna definitely is worth a visit! ;-)

    @ sue,
    you are welcome,
    thank you! :-)

  19. @ Pietro,
    funny thing is, I only drink it in Venice,
    otherwise it has no spark. ;-)

    @ The things we carried,
    thank you! :-)

  20. @ jeannette stgermain,
    Vienna is a cosmopolitan city,
    where many languages are spoken.
    The signs I photographed I found yesterday about lunchtime at Schleifmühlgasse, in the 4th District,
    a short walk from the big open market, the Naschmarkt. Bobby's a cafe and foodstore, specializing in products from English-speaking contries and has therefore a large clientele from all over the world, people who may feel at home in Vienna, but long for that special something from back home.

  21. another delight for the senses!


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