Thursday 19 November 2009

Vienna By Night

Subway Station


  1. Beautiful. And it pairs nicely with my post, too.

    Ah, Starbucks. Ours in Dublin, OH has the same light fixtures, only in orange. :^)

  2. Well Merisi, I am a bit alarmed to see this photo. How is it possible that Starbucks could dare enter the city of Demel's?

    Why would someone, even a night hawk, favor that experience?

    Please do tell me that Viennese civilization still holds.


  3. I would love some starbucks right now!!

  4. Believe it or not, I've never had a cup of Starbucks coffee. However if I ever get to Vienna, well maybe then.

  5. Do I know that fellow? Strikingly good looking, don't you think?

    A very atmospheric picture. So much nice than MacDonalds.

  6. What a cute picture. I love it.

  7. How relaxed and peaceful looking.

    I like the red bricked cafe - looks fun.

  8. What are you doing in Starbucks Merisi??
    It looks just like the one in downtown Walnut Creek, CA.

  9. Starbucks.
    The enemy we can't live without had invaded Vienna.

  10. *smile*

    That scene does look very Viennese,
    don't you agree? This is an underground location, at a big subway transfer station, not the place where one expects quiet contemplation. I am all for free enterprise and when Starbucks came to Vienna, it become a refuge for those coffee devotees who'd rather breath smoke-free air, giving the local establishments a run for their money. In the meantime, at least two of the big traditional coffee houses have declared their houses smoke-free, Cafe Schwarzenberg and Griensteidl, and smaller places like Cafe der Provinz and Phil.

  11. I think Vienna has the power of turning even Starbucks into something very... Viennese :)!

  12. @ Paris Breaksfasts:
    Remember, the enemy is within!
    Viennese coffeehouses will not go down because of Starbucks. To quote that ancient Roman sage, Cicero, "The enemy is within the gates; it is with our own luxury, our own folly ... " - I'd add to that complacency and smugness, to which a half dozen Starbucks weigh nothing.

    McDonald's is now throwing its very own McCafés into the ring, They may take a bigger bite out of the coffee business than Starbucks. Their prices are very competitive, and the coffee's good! Plus, they offer a smoke-free environment, and more and more people who don't smoke are tired of being considered second-class customers.

  13. @ Lana,
    I agree!
    And if they help to show the light to those managers who think that the all important customer is the one who smokes, they better for them!

  14. @ Carolyn Parker:
    I took this picture from the outside, walking by on my way to the metro. ;-)

  15. @ Vicki Lane,
    I know, even though, unlike Brutus, I am not in on the conspiracy! ;-)

  16. @ Frances,
    please don't worry! Enough devoted Viennese are out there to keep us lapsing into Dark Ages again, at least as far as the coffee front is concerned! Quite a few coffee brewers are fighting valiantly against doom. ;-)

  17. @ Sandi McBride,
    when Starbucks opened its first store on the East Coast right there in my then hometown DC, I had quite a few good cups of coffee there (before that, the only place I knew that served a decent Italian style espresso was Luigi's Pizzeria on L Street!).

  18. @ Willow,
    I wished they treated them as art and had engaged Dale Chihuly to create something truly original! ;-)

  19. Edward Hopper would be fascinated by this! And so am I.

  20. @ Margeret Benbow:
    Isn't it fascinating how a single artist has forever captured our imagination when we see scenes like this one?

  21. Ahh-- the smoke free thing makes sense!


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