Sunday 8 November 2009

In The Quiet Of The Morning

In the Quiet of the Morning
A cup of Viennese coffee Melange
- the sheers still closed,
no harsh light, please -
the morning papers
and a glass of water.


Café Frauenhuber
Vienna's Oldest Coffeehouse
Himmelpfortgasse 6


Images and Text
© by Merisi


  1. Good Morning (whispering voice here),
    we'll look around the coffeehouse a little later,
    after having read all the day's news.
    For the Early Birds amongst you, please,
    go ahead, click on the flowers in the vase,
    and start the virtual tour at the cafe's website,
    thoughtfully offered in English!

    A happy Sunday to all of you! :-)

  2. In the quiet hours of the morning, what connotations that invokes... so peaceful sitting over a coffee.

  3. Oh that coffee looks perfect. I'll take one too, please. :)

  4. Hi Merisi,
    Your photograph of the coffee setup at Cafe Frauenhuber & ethereal sheers in the background is a lovely way to sip my coffee and dream, a perfect way to start this Sunday!
    The interior of the Cafe is both elegant and warm. It is bigger than I would have suspected.
    Hope your day has been nice so far!

  5. A lovely subdued window, the world still visible out there. Love this.

  6. mornings are VERY quiet untill I had my first cup of coffee...

  7. I always enjoy seeing through your eyes each time I pop by! Thanks again for more delights.

  8. I know that table! Nettl and I sat there with the film crew the evening after our first shoot! I sat on the right, by the window.


    P.S. Can I download the picture for my computer desktop?

  9. Glorious kaffee cup and glass of water.
    No one does a glass of water better than the Austrians, I'm absolutely convinced of it!
    They have mastered it and thrown away the key.

  10. Lovely atmosphere in these shots.


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