Saturday 12 September 2009

Viennese Escapes: Upper Austria

Pre-Dawn's Wanly Light
City of Enns
Upper Austria

Waiting for Dawn
Ennsegg Castle
City of Enns

Fish Net
In the first light of day
Lake Traunsee

Fountain Play
Morning at
Esplanade-Café Zauner
Bad Ischl

Girl With Flowers
Friday's Open Air Market
Bad Ischl

Photographs by Merisi
11 September 2009


  1. that's a tranquil morning!

  2. A nice excursion for the morning.

    Sorry I've been absent for awhile. My internet connection went wonky and blew my Nortons out. Fixed now, I hope.

  3. .
    @ Shadow,
    I left at the crack of dawn,
    it's a 3 hours drive to Bad Ischl,
    but it takes me even longer, because I always get off the highway at Enns - such a lovely little town high on a hill, with a 2,000 year history - and then I stopped twice at the lake, to enjoy the morning scene, observe the fogs lifting its cloak from the water and the early sun slowly eating itself through the mist.

    @ Barbara Martin,
    I enjoyed the rest of the day even more!
    Sorry for your computer troubles.


  4. Love the architecture of the castle! The little statue is just darling. It's so nice to come here and look at your photos Mersi, they just are uplifting.

  5. @ Vickie:
    Thank you! :-)

    Did you see that you can enlarge the pictures by clicking on them?

    The weatherwane in the first image is the prettiest I have ever seen.


  6. Something very interesting about the fish net.

  7. That fish net is gorgeous...I don't know what it is about fishnets and the trappings of fishing towns.

  8. I agree with the Wanderer's Daughter, I like the fishing nets, the look sort of.... errrm, sort of... expectant. Maybe it's a Wandering thing...

  9. Dearest Merisi,
    As always, I am transported into an aesthetic playground when I visit you! These images are stunning...and I'm so glad to be able to soak their beauty into my soul! Hope you are well! Love to you, my dear friend! Janine XO

    BTW, congrats on the accolades from Nat. Geo!!! Very, very cool!!! ~J.

  10. Thank you once again for my wander down memory lane for the day. Must get off and do Sunday things now. Love from NZ

  11. I really like the way these pictures are all linked by color. The progression is lovely . . .

    (I want that little statue for my herb garden!)

  12. You've put many things of beauty here Merisi, put that fountain is pretty ugly!

  13. .
    @ Charles Gramlich:
    I don't remember ever seeing one in that particular color.

    @ The Wanderers' Daughter:
    Fishing towns, yes, they do have a special aura.

    @ Wandring Star:
    They are all nylon nowadays,
    those fishnets - makes me almost worry about their afterlife.

    @ Sniffles and Smiles:
    thank you,
    my pleasure! :-)

    The National Geographic mention was quite a surprise. A nice one. ;-)

  14. .
    @ sparrow:
    You are welcome,
    hope your Sunday was a lovely one!

    @ Bee:
    Thank you!

    @ Andre Veloux:
    I break for kitsch! *giggles*

    I liked the verdigris and I felt a little sorry for the fellow, all naked in the cool morning air. ;-)

  15. Merisi, your images show your great enthusiasm for photography. :-)


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