Sunday 13 September 2009

Morning Rose

Pink Roses
Bending Over
Blue Fire Hydrant:
Are they flirting?


Photographed by Merisi
on the morning of
11 September 2009
City of Enns
Upper Austria


  1. So delicate and papery, I love the old fashioned ramblers.

  2. Pink and blue -- I want to dismiss the combination as corny or sentimental but in pictures like this it's utterly compelling. I love it!

  3. corny & sentimental?
    Rather "stunning" i would say Merisi. Beautiful shot!

  4. Beautiful rose, the Morning Rose!
    Never have met one before before today!
    Sending smiles afar!


  5. THe roses raise the blue to sublime.

  6. .
    @ Arja:
    These roses grow so rampantly, boundless energy and color.

    @ Vicki Lane:
    I could not believe my eyes when I spotted the bright blue fire hydrant. The roses wore a tinge of blue too, the sun was not up yet, but the light was good enough to take a picture. They light reminded me of Norway, of midsummer midnight - not that I have been there, it's only my imagination at work. ;-)

    @ oiasantorini:
    Thank you! :-)

    @ rochambeau:
    You have to be out and about before sunup, to find them! ;-)


  7. .
    @ Charles Gramlich:
    I agree!

  8. Silky roses, in a beautiful combination of colors. :-)

  9. I do hope so....
    such an impossibly doomed romance
    greetings from the sunny US

  10. I have a silly request. I love this blog but I am lazy. In my google reader, only the titles of the posts are shown and if I want to see the post I have to click on it. If I have loads to read, I don't always, even though I know I'm missing things. If it's not right there in front of me, I can't always be bothered to chase it. Is there any way to change it so the full posts are shown in the reader? That way I know I won't miss anything. Thanks from a lazy blog lover. :)

  11. Good evening Merisi,

    These roses are sumptuous! And a blue fire hydrant? Is the blue to signify water? What color are the Viennese fire trucks? As you know over here, we use red for anything to do with fire.

    I turn to your beautiful posts to find what civilization might still look like. xo

  12. Love these roses , they look so delicate


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