Tuesday 15 September 2009

Viennese Escapes: Salzkammergut

On The Cusp Of Autumn
11 September 2009
The shores of Lake Grundlsee

The capriciousness of the weather
on a day like the one pictured
- sunny one moment, drizzling the next -
makes one almost long
to retreat inside:

"Ein Lied hinterm Ofen zu singen"
- to sing a song while basking in the warmth of a
poêle en faïence - or sit down
at the table to savour a freshly caught Alpine Char,
panfried to perfection.

Leaving the swans
to meander their course

while waiting
for the fog and clouds to lift.


Matthias Claudius (1740-1815) wrote a poem
with the title "Ein Lied hinterm Ofen zu singen" and
Merisi took these photos,
so many years later,
around Lake Grundlsee.
She rather ate an Alpine Char,
then sing a song.
I wonder why?


  1. Merisi, thank you again for allowing me to view such beauty at the beginning of my day. It is grand to have these images and words to carry with me as I drift off into my city environment.

    I cannot choose a favorite photo from this post. Each of them is enchanting or inviting or ... merely lovely. xo

  2. You make eating an alipine char sound like an adventure!

  3. That first lake picture took my breath away! Surely two philosophers could sit there and solve the world's problems!

  4. Oh to be in Austria... now that Autumn's there...

  5. I wish I were on the shore bench!! AHHH how wonderful!

  6. Oh my gosh...that lake!!! I'd like to go there right now, please.

  7. Green , green with envy for the mist and the beauty.

  8. The first picture just touched my heart, it is very beautiful and just draws me in. I want to sit on the bench and share a cup of tea with a friend right there.

  9. You are a painter of light captured.

  10. I have been inside painting - happily of course, but inside all day nonetheless. Thanks for a refreshing moment outside in nature!

  11. Now you are just torturing me ;) Thank you for sharing your autumn as we have none here!

  12. So beautiful, Merisi! Reminds me of happy times in Hallstatt :)

  13. What a charming set of images, Merisi. They remind me of Bregenz: I went there years ago, in winter, for the unforgettable Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli's concerts.

  14. The first and last photos were my favourites. No, don't let the fog and clouds lift just yet :-)!

    Greetings from London.

  15. Thank you all!
    I am travelling right now, trying to capture autumn all the way to the South of Italy. So far, mostly rain as I travelled. Right now I am by the seaside, watching a gorgeous thunderstorm unfold over the sea.
    Greetings to all,

  16. Oh! This lake looks like the "Wallensee", a tiny wonderful lake in Switzerland, there's just a small isle missing, between the bank and the tree. By the way, Liszt composed a piece inpired by the soft light and waves of this place, called "Au lac de Wallenstadt". I love the first picture, it is a little sad yet so peaceful.
    Thank you for your beautiful pictures and words.

  17. Such a beautiful region!! I can't wait to return and hike through the Salzkammergut in October... I'm told it's one of the most beautiful times of year. :)


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