Wednesday 16 September 2009

The First Chestnut

In the quiet of an early September morning
on Chestnut Tree Lane,
a harbinger of autumn swinging itself free,
landing in front of
sandal-clad feet
with a thud:

The first chestnut of the season,
in her shiny marron finery,
next to her split open
moss-green spiky armour,
exuding fragrance
of marrons glacés.

First published
September 2007
by Merisi.


  1. I sit contented,
    Steam escaping from my cup.
    Conkers on the ground.

  2. Merisi, I sure don't get out to visit your blog as often as I'd like but when I do, I have the pleasure of being able to scroll down the page and enjoy the beauty of your photography all in one sitting. I enjoy seeing the world through your wonderful eye. Just beautiful. Thank you. :)

  3. So beautiful! Very similar in appearance to our buckeyes, aka horse chestnuts. Sadly, the buckeyes are inedible.

  4. Simply stunning, Merisi. Isn't God's work truly awesome!

  5. They do look similar to our buckeyes...after all, we are the buckeye state!

    Brilliant shots, Marisi.

  6. It's a joy to discover your chestnut!
    Eternal sunshine in an autumnal (?) mind!!

  7. Beautiful photos of a fruit I love.

  8. you make simple things so beautiful, Merisi, thanks for sharing your gift!

  9. Thank you all so very much for your comments! I am travelling these days, but I am looking forward to visit you all when I come back! :-)

    And yes,
    these are horse chestnuts, indeed!
    Conkers, Spacedlaw,
    exactly. :-)

  10. The top photo is the most beautiful one that I have ever seen. Seriously. The chestnut looks like a teak sculpture. What a talent!

  11. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

    Conkers remind me of my Grandma's village and the fun we had collecting them from the big tree near home farm. Sigh.............memories.

  12. These are certainly the most beautiful photos of chestnuts I've ever seen! I've never actually tasted a has this happened? Don't see them here except perhaps at Christmas time. I'll have to buy some and experiment.

  13. Your chestnuts show the very essence of autumn...

  14. Ah, those are so beautiful! I adore chestnuts - but to look at their rich, glossy, tactile shapes and to eat. Wish they were more readily available in this part of the world.

  15. Stunning photos, Merisi - thank you :)

  16. Artist of words and light, can I tell you this enough? Lovely.

  17. Beautiful photos ! When I see chestnut, i tell myself, fall is here.It reminds me my childhood

  18. It's chestnut season over here as well. Wonderful photos!

  19. I can hear that one Horse chestnut hit the ground...
    I used to collect them as a kid...
    I thought they were lucky for some unknown reason...
    merci for the memory

  20. Very pretty close-ups of the chestnut!

  21. A, the chestnut. Along with the fig, this is to me one of the most gorgeous, sensual, and alien edible wonders of nature. Beautiful photos, Merisi.

  22.'s like peering into this precious gem being showcased in a museum.
    Beautiful exhibit! :-)

  23.'s like peering into this precious gem being showcased in a museum.
    Beautiful exhibit!


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