Wednesday 23 September 2009

Italian Days
Viennese Escapes

Casa del Melagrano

Morning at the
Pomegranate House

Veneto Region


23 September 2009
Images and text
© by Merisi


  1. I want to open the shutters and look out of that window!

  2. I hope those are the big, jucy pomegranates, those that split up when they're ripe. I'm so there already.

  3. I love the shot of the house but you know that Pomegranate caught my eye!

  4. What a wonderful patina on the house walls with their pomegranate hues. And the pomegranate -- one of my favorite fruits for taste, beauty, and mythology! Beautiful photos!

  5. Ah, one of the 7 fruits of Israel, the rimonim! I love that shot. It is begging to be picked and eaten.

  6. @ The Things We Carried,
    wouldn't we all?
    It is the loveliest house imaginable,
    I'll have more images to come!

    @ lakeviewer said...
    Yes, they are!

    @ Sandi McBride said...
    I wonder why that Pomegranate caught your eye!

    Need a smile, dear readers?
    swing over to Sandi's blog, and read all about accidental her pomegranate, er, hibiscus - or was it the other way round ??? - plantation! *grin*

  7. .
    @ Vicki Lane said...
    I fell in love with that pomegranate color the moment I spotted the house just before sunset one evening and returned to it the next morning (these are the morning images).

    @ sparrow said...
    The lady of the house picked some ripe pomegranates for me. They are on my kitchen counter right now. I don't know if I'll have the heart to eat them. They are way too beautiful and inspiring to look at! ;-)

  8. Wish I had a fresh pomie tree out my window instead of frozen seeds in the freezer...still either way, fresh or frozen, they are the best preventive for colds and flu IMO...

  9. I so love the colors of both photos. The actually remind me of a dusty sunset when the world feels so still and serene.

  10. Loving both photos.

    Loving Italy,

  11. You went a long way from Rome...

  12. You did a beautiful job capturing the light behind the pomegranate. The transluscent leaves contrast with the rich hues of the fruit and the light illuminates those spiders webs. Gosh, I sound like I might actually be learning something in my class ;)

  13. That weathered terra cotta against the intense blue of the sky is incredible.

  14. .
    @ ParisBreakfasts:
    I wouldn't mind either, moving into a house with a pomegranate tree! ;-)

    @ Shadow:
    Look at the next post to see the view from that window! ;-)

    @ Vickie:
    Yes, that's what I felt around that house,
    serene. It has a magic aura! :-)

  15. .
    @ Paz:
    The area north of Venice is immensely beautiful.

    @ spacedlaw:
    I arrived here straight from Rome! ;-)


  16. @ hexe:
    I am sure your profs are very happy about your progress. When are you going to get that degree? ;-)

    @ Eileen @ Passions to Pastry:
    I agree! :-)

  17. Beautiful Merisis. Enjoy your Italian days. I would love to be there with you, to escape the wet, cold days of Trondheim........

    We are going to Poland on Wednesday, hopefully the weather is better there.


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