Thursday 24 September 2009

Viennese Escapes: Italian Days

Casa del Melagrano

at the House
with the
Pomegranate Tree

Veneto Region

Photographed by Merisi
22 September 2009


  1. More beautiful every day! Thanks for visiting me on a not so pleasant blog-topic-day. When I come here, the winds of anger have subsided and I can sit back and enjoy civilized discorse.

    p.s. you have just the right blend of poetry in verse and in images.

  2. Your blog is always so uplifting. Thank you!!

  3. the foreground and middle look like pointilism! Seurat like in texture...LOVELY!!!

  4. Beautiful photos! I am heading to Italy in a bit more than a week.

  5. What beautiful pictures! It is years since I have eaten a pomegranate, and that one looks so ripe and delicious!

  6. That shot of the pomagranate is so crisp...and the composition is amazing! I think it needs to be hung in a gallery! I love it! BTW, fall is my favorite season! ~Janine XO

  7. I had quite forgotten pomegranates while in NY.
    Very Maroc.

  8. Hello Merisi, and many thanks for your message.

    Well, I do know that you can show us the beauty to be found throughout Vienna, and make us viewers long to follow your footsteps to each lovely square, garden, and ... Cafe.

    Now, as autumn begins, you are making me long to travel to Italia.


    The change in the light is remarkable, the poetry of your eye is consistent.


  9. I found my way here from lakeviewer's. What in intriguing blog -- a thoughtful mixture of pictures and words. Well worth a visit.

    Besides, I love fall and I love rainy days.

  10. So beautiful, Merisi - thank you! Now, where do I want to go on my next holiday - Italy or back to Austria? You make everywhere look so wonderful!

  11. As always, brilliant images.

  12. I hope you travelled there by train... would have been a beautiful journey!

  13. @ lJuju from Tales of Whimsy:
    Thanks! :-)

    @ lakeviewer:
    Reality is not always what we dream of,
    but we can hope, can we? ;-)

    @ Cheffie-Mom:
    You are welcome! :-)

    @ Fat, frumpy and fifty:
    It looked like a field of gold!

    @ Simona:
    To which part of Italy are you going to be travelling?

    @ Wandring Star:
    They are still sitting pretty on my counter top! ;-)


  14. @ Vicki Lane:
    I took these images when our side of the world fell into autumn!

    @ Sniffles and Smiles:
    I love autumn, especially these days when the sun's still strong.

    @ ewix:
    Those pomegranates at the top of the tree could well have had a view of Marokko beyond the sea!

    @ Frances:
    Thank you, Frances!
    I am trying to learn how to capture the light before it changes again. ;-)


  15. @ Rob-bear:
    Welcome! :-)

    Right now we are lucky,
    enjoying a truly beautiful and warm Indian Summer.

    @ Feronia:
    I would suggest you visit Italy first, making your way along the Veneto region's seashore, stay overnight in old country homes and then make your way to the north, towards Vienna. ;-)

    @ H.Peter:
    Thank you! :-)

  16. @ Gavin Plumley:
    Travelling along the Venetian Lagoon and the Veneto region's small seaside towns this time of the year is a real feast for the eye and the soul - I travelled by car, though. I have taken the train down from Vienna to Venice at other times, it is a beautiful journey, indeed.

  17. Love your italian days post !!! Hope to see soon your provencal days !!!


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