Friday 4 September 2009

Late Summer Sky

A pale blue late summer sky
dotted by a herd of cottony white clouds
stretches over the dark grey stone structure
of the contemporary museum building
and the terracotta tile roof of the
baroque imperial winter riding hall.

A lone bird watches
over the peaceful scene.

Museum of Modern Art
Ludwig Foundation Vienna
Photographed by Merisi
3 September 2009


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  1. Andre Veloux04 September, 2009

    We visited MUMOK when we were there a few years ago, I took quite a few pics myself.

  2. Beautiful. I would love to take a stroll through the inside, as well!

  3. Looks like a beautiful day in a beautiful place.

    An Arkies Musings

  4. Oh my.... I like like like your blog & your pic's!! Amazing!!

    Regards from Agneta in Sweden

  5. A truly delicious composition. May I offer the observation that the cottony white clouds are altocumulus and the lone bird is a pigeon (of course you knew that!)

  6. .

    @ Andre Veloux:
    It is a fascinating building,
    but forbidden looking and not very inviting.

    @ willow:

    @ richies said...
    O, it was a beautiful late summer evening yesterday! :-)

    @ sinnlighet said...
    welcome and thank you! :-)


  7. Good evening to you, Merisi.

    The graceful curve of that building is quite wonderful against the sky, and ... that resting bird just gives the composition its accent.

    (Humble pidgeon it might be, but dramatic accent status is granted!)

    I also loved the pictures of the cafe in your prior post, and wonder if those chairs and tables are more filled at other hours of the day. Here in New York, it is difficult for a charming cafe to be successful if not many chairs are filled during the day.


  8. I like the way the sky fades. The building in front of it could not be more perfect with it's muted pattern and curved top.

  9. That lonely blackbird add life to this pic.

  10. The sky is almost too soft and pale to match the museum but it´s a lovely combination with your words of the lonely bird.

  11. .

    @ Wandring Star:
    Thank you for helping me out with the names of the clouds and the bird: I would have been all wrong, since I thought it was a Dohle, one of those Viennese craws. ;-)



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