Saturday 22 August 2009

Drinking Coffee Elsewhere

August Days
Light in shades of pink
and apricot

August Window
Pink geraniums and
hand-crocheted white lace

A Plum Tree
A ladder,
plums ripe for the picking,
camera ready.

Comfort for
heart and soul

under the chestnut trees

For all!

Little fingers
what are you up to?

My Cup Runneth Over
Thank you,

Photos and Text
© by Merisi
August 2009


  1. Very summery!
    Very clever too, "my cup runneth over" you are fortunate indeed! And we are fortunate to enjoy this beautiful summer with you.

  2. The smell of all that coffee is glorious!

  3. Pink, flowers, lace and the inevitable coffee at the end of a good day's venturing. How perfect.

  4. Well, I can't say it any better than Barbara Martin, ditto! Simply lovely. August is my favorite month because it is my wedding anniversary and birthday month both, giving it special emotional meaning for me. And I love peridot, that beautiful bright parrot green, the August birthstone. Seems it's all about me - yikes!

    And when we were kids, we were always out for the summer all through August! What could be better than that.

  5. My cup runneth over too. August is a wonderful month and that dessert is just sinful!

  6. It looks like from the plates that folks are eating healthy vegetables, but then those deserts and the coffee more than make up for the calories.

  7. Merisi,

    Looking at your photos, and then running through my memories of the past day ... I think that my 14 or so hours were mis-spent.

    I would so have preferred to have sat at that table, and prepared to sip something cool and delicious.

    Thank you as alway for the refreshment of the eye and the soul. xo

  8. That ice cream looked so good.

  9. I love your subjects, colours, text, and the framing of each photo. Artful!

  10. lovey merisis

    now i wonder - how did the berry picking go

  11. Thank you for commenting on my blog. I am visiting Vienna next month, it's going to be a flying visit but I hope to stuff my face, Apple strudel, Sacher torte, Weiner Schnitzel and what else... please add to this list, of course, a melange or lots...

  12. Fantastic! Of course, in the S. Hemisphere, we are all too happy to come out of August and eagerly await spring. Thanks for giving me lots of trips down memory lane, and greetings to the 9th district where I spent a lot of time with my Austrian friend Petra.

  13. Your pinks are so very clear and PINK. Scrumptious post.

    Also, as my husband and I were walking tonight we spied some neighbors on the common . . . and with the use of a ladder, they were helping themselves to plums! I've never seen that before, and now I've seen it twice in one day.

  14. A delightful portrayal of Summer.


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