Sunday 23 August 2009

August Light

Photographed in the Courtyard
of Joseph Haydn's Birthplace
and the surrounding villages
Lower Austria


Clicking on the last picture
will take you to a map,
with the location of Rohrau,
only 30 miles southeast of Vienna,
in the most beautiful countryside
of Eastern Lower Austria.
Behind the first three pictures,
various Haydn Concertos are waiting
to be listened to.

24 August 2008
© by Merisi


  1. lovely greeny calming relax to.

  2. Those grapes look like condensed sunlight.

  3. I love that first picture -- looking at the thumbnail without my glasses, something about the gold background and the central composition made me think of Gustave Klimt.

    And yes, those grapes are fairly bursting with light.

  4. Wonderful pictures Merisi! I feel relaxed and ready to lay down and read now! :)

  5. Beautiful colors of late summer. I've been looking over them again and again.....very peaceful....matches my melancholy mood.
    Hope you've had a lovely weekend.

  6. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!

  7. I have to confess, these are "my kind of colours"!

    I have been studying the yellow flowers; they look rather like cowslips except that it is completely the wrong time of year, and the leaves don't look right. I wonder if they could be Yellow Rattle? Any advice?

  8. And this post so yellow and green.
    Isn't it fun to delight in colors?

  9. Ah, I love your way of capturing light. These are lovely and perfect. I adore the corkscrew willow in the first photo, and I have to agree re: the 'bursting with light' grapes. :-)


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