Saturday 4 July 2009

Writing in the Blue Hour

Napkin Prose
28 July 2008
No safe place
For a blank piece of paper.

My answer to David McMahon's question,
"How do you look at a blank sheet of paper?"
posed yesterday under the tongue-in-cheek heading
"Blank Stair":

I stare it in the eye,
While I write on it,
And then I shoot it
with my camera!

Here's the link
to David's inspirational post


  1. Anonymous04 July, 2009

    I love the challenge the blank page poses-a scribble, a doodle, a grocery list,a sketch, a limerick that was meant to be poem-an excersize in shading a peach before I bite it. The bigger the page the bigger the challenge, charcoal then paints, then disapointment and in the bin.

  2. Click
    Click on you
    I wanna stay here and see more l'heure bleu s.v.p.!!!
    LOVE yr blue hours

  3. A blank page is a bit like a white canvas: what does the painter think before a brand-new canvas?


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