Sunday 5 July 2009

Sunflowers, Coffee and Summer Dreams

What, No sunflowers?
You did not think
I would make it home
without a coffee break, did you?

sitting on a leisurely Saturday morning
outdoors of a restaurant called "La Salvia" ("The Sage") -
offering cuisine from the Karst region around
the Italian port city of Trieste
and its Slovenian counterpart -
dreaming about an "Estate Bollente",
a "Sizzling summer" by the sea,
a cooling breeze caressing you!

I was pondering for a moment
to pack my camera in
and follow suit!

Is this gentleman
ready to bike all the way
to the coast?

This one stopped for coffee
before heading home with
his loot.

I spotted one last sunflower,
hiding on top of the slate board
announcing the price for
the sweet local apricots:
2.2 lbs for 2.40 Euro,
what a bargain!

I started dreaming of
dainty dumplings filled with apricots -
simmered just so the fruit
would literally melt on your tongue -
rolled in golden toasted breadcrumbs
and drizzled with the tiniest bit of caramel.

Imagine the fragrance
released the moment
you pierce it on the plate
with your fork!

Happy Sunday
and sweet desserts
to all of you!


Photographed by Merisi
on Sasturday morning,
July 4, 2009,
at the Yppen Platz Farmers' Market
16th District


  1. XL size for the first picture -
    to fill your screen with sunshine. :-)

    Thank you all for leaving such kind and generous comments on my previous posts. They are very much appreciated and treasured!

    Happy Sunday to all of you!

  2. They certainly know how to live there. Your sensual words add to the flavour of the photos. So lovely. Now I feel all dreamy. Sigh.

  3. A coffee, a bike and some flowers in the same photo post - excellent!

  4. There's just something about sunflowers that make one smile and feel happy!

    Your apricot dumplings sound delicious!!

    Summer smiles,

  5. OUr house mouse recently planted some sunflower seeds in one of our flower pots, and they started coming up.

  6. Yellow is such a sunny color and to see the flowers and peaches....makes sunshine come over the internet!
    Nice shots!

  7. Apricot dumplings! What a delectable idea! And the sunflowers are like a joyful shout.

  8. As always, you warm our hearts.

  9. Merisi, I've enjoyed so much the whole sequence. What I can say now about sweets is that yesterday I've eaten, outdoor, in the mountains, a delicious tiramisu with an excellent liqueur inside!
    Have a nice week!

  10. Wow. You make the yellow in the flowers really pop.

  11. How wonderful. Your photos make me wish I were there and also compensate for the fact that I am not. I just posted an apricot tart, but could have made 5 of them with your crate of fresh apricots!

  12. Ah, the beautiful world through your eyes!

  13. You live in the most romantic corner of the world. And you, and your camera so obviously love it.

  14. Apricots in pastry and caramel...divine.


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