Sunday 5 July 2009

The Art of Sunday Lunch

Pale Pink Roses
Soda Citron
Viennese Iced Coffee
Lemon Crème Brûlée
Caffè Macchiato


  1. Ooooo...those pale pink roses are heavenly!

  2. What inviting photo's.

  3. The roses of my dreams . . .

  4. Lovely! That third photo down is a painting waiting to happen!

  5. I don't know if I should drink in or eat the flowers, because they look as scrumptious as the frothy drink and decadent desert!
    Wonderful shots!

  6. Everything so pale and delightfully fresh and charming. And the flowers below so wonderful also. Wish I could have shared this brunch with you.

  7. what can I say, Viennese know the art of many delightful things - and so do Austrians in general. I am already looking forward for my one week summer holiday home, in Austria! iupeeeeeeee!

  8. What a beautiful centerpiece!

  9. Paris Crème Brûlée06 July, 2009

    I'll have the Lemon Crème Brûlée, but hold the Crème and the Brûlée pleeeze

  10. what a lovely lunch!

  11. What a lovely lunch!

    And as always you are an artist with your photos Merisi!

  12. So are ALL the cafe tables set so beautifully there all the time? And do you photograph unseen from a distance or do people give you "the look" when you snap a series of shots? I'm always so self-conscious with my camera out in public.

  13. I love this bouquet , so inspiring I may try to make the same. Are they roses or peonies ?

  14. Thank you all so much for your kind comments! :-)

    tables in Viennese cafes and restaurants tend to sport small bouquets of flowers. The place in these pictures has a very imaginative florist, unfortunately the food leaves something to desire, except for coffee and the fine dessert we enjoyed there on Sunday. The mediocre cooking (let's not talk about the service!) was the reason I chose not to name it. I can only hope for their sake that we chose to dine their on a day when their main crew was off!

  15. .
    these are definitely roses - so precious, aren't they?

    Regarding Hilary's question,
    "And do you photograph unseen from a distance or do people give you "the look" when you snap a series of shots? I'm always so self-conscious with my camera out in public.":

    First, the pictures here were of our own table of nine. ;-)

    * I try to not make it obvious that I am photographing people (easier said than done - I like to think I am quite good in playing the hapless tourist who has little control over what happens to be in the picture).

    * I try to be decent about it, i.e. avoiding any obviously embarassing moments or exposures. Of course, each of us has may have different opinions on this!

    * If I take portaits, I ask if the person would be alright with it being published (I invite them to look up my blog - have done so often at the market when somebody was kind enough to letting me take their "environmental" portrait).

    And yes, I do feel quite self-conscious at times, but then again, there are so many tourists around here that I imagine hardly anybody takes notice of myself. I hope! :-)



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