Sunday 12 July 2009

Sunday Morning Rose

Come slowly, Eden!

Lips unused to thee,

Bashful, sip thy jasmines,

As the fainting bee,

Reaching late his flower,

Round her chamber hums,

Counts his nectars --enters,

And is lost in balms!

(Emiliy Dickinson)


Sunday Morning Light

Roses at my kitchen window.

I bought them yesterday
at the farmers' market.
They are true survivors,
they persevered through
days of torrents of rain.

A kind farmer
brought them from Czechia,
and now they brighten
my Viennese kitchen.

May all your Sundays
be filled with light!


  1. Beautiful roses and beautiful poem Merisi.

    The first roses in my garden are starting to bloom today. It is a Sunny Sunday and I love the quiet garden.

  2. Hallo, Merisi!

    I always watch your blog with great interest and enthusiasm.
    I find your blog and the photos there just gorgeous!

    Stay healthy and have beautiful summer-days!

    Ein lieber Gruss für Dich!

  3. I have such a soft spot for pink roses.
    yours are lovely.

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  5. These are exquisite shots.

  6. such delicate shades of pink.

  7. Beautiful roses / hermosas rosas..

  8. Parisbreakfast13 July, 2009

    Speechless with the beauty...

  9. AWESOME pale, pink, delicate roses.
    Ummmmmm....I can smell them and feel their satin petals.
    Loved it!

  10. Gorgeous roses and I LOVE Emily Dickinson! Hope you've been well, Merisi...I haven't been able to visit in a while!

  11. Roses with the skin of babies. Fresh and new roses. So lovely!

  12. Absolutely beautiful!!

  13. Such perfect, pink confections! My roses, while smelling heavenly, have all looked a little ragged this summer. These are wonderful...

    Hope your Sunday was also lovely.

  14. Why do these roses make me think of peaches-and-cream complectioned princesses with sunlight in their golden hair, breathlessly running across a meadow towards thir prince...

  15. Your roses are pure delight and magic, Merisi... I love Emily Dickinson's poetry... *SIGH*... Happy Summer Days :o)

  16. Very lovely images! Those roses look so refined and delicate!
    Sometimes you don't see my comments because I'm always running after the too quick blogger friends (including you, of course)! And I still have a slow connection!!! ;-)

  17. Pretty pink flowers to cheer my day. Thank you, Merisi.


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