Monday 13 July 2009

Into the Blue Hour at Palais Liechtenstein

"Some enchanted evening

You may see a stranger ... "

The first two lines,
"Some enchanted evening
You may see a stranger
are from lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein
from the musical "South Pacific",
set to music by Richard Rodgers.

Click here
to listen to José Carreras sing
"Some Enchanted Evening"

Photographed by Merisi
in the gardens of
Palais Liechtenstein,
in the vaning evening light,
as the sun was setting and
the Golden Hour slipped into the Blue Hour.
July 12, 2009


  1. It certainly is an enchanted evening and place...did you meet the stranger?

  2. Arija,
    I did not meet the strangers in the images, but I did meet a very nice French woman. During my walk through the park, our paths had crossed repeatedly and we met again at the palace's main gate and acknowledged each other. We talked about the paths that had led us here, both not natives of this city, but loving it here and feeling at home. From the time I arrived here, I have mostly met people who came from other corners of the world. Even the one person I would have thought of as quintessential, typical Viennese, calls this city home only after a long, terrible odyssey: She was born in Cecoslovacchia, but her mother with her then small children was forced to flee the country during the Forties, leaving them homeless refugees until another European country gave them a new home. I hear such tales all the time, of people finally having found a permanent home here, after often horrible journeys. I always consider myself blessed, living in a place where so many had to create a new home for themselves under truly trying circumstances, whereas I came here by choice and yet I am allowed to enjoy the company of all these fellow travellers.

  3. wonderful photos, and wonderful words added to it...

  4. Beautiful! I can almost smell the lavender.

    And what is your native land, Merisi?

  5. Blue Hours are my favorites, especially for reading.

  6. Thank you, Lara! :-)

    Vicki Lane,
    thank you - there were roses, too,
    their fragrance wafting over towards the lavender!
    I was born and spent my childhood in Austria, far away from Vienna, in the "Provinz" as some like to say! ;-) Today, I feel a citizen of the world, but proud of and grateful for my rural roots.

    I like nothing better than soaking up every minute of this time of day, especially on an enchanting summer evening like yesterday's.

    I just booked a short trip to Venice! ;-)

  7. Beautiful summer evening captures!

  8. Wandring Star,
    thank you - it truly was an enchanting evening!

  9. You photograph so many lovely gardens. They are truly enchanted. Love the reflections in the last picture.
    You asked about innoculations. We each had 4 shots. Hepetitus B, Typhoid, polio vaccine, and yellow fever. I think it was the combination of shots that made my hubby so sick, probably the yellow fever since its a live virus, and he takes other daily meds so who knows...I didn't get as sick as he did and we both had the same things.
    You also asked about the Asian pears...they are a bit strange with the texture of a firm pear when ripe, not too juicy and last year they didn't have a lot of flavor but I used them in a Kuchen recipe with lots of apple pie spice to enhance them. We will see what this years bounty will be like.
    Thanks for asking.
    Are your children going to Africa, needing innoculations? The Polio is a once in a lifetime booster but since we are going into an area where there has been a resurgence of polio, the DR. felt it was better to be safe than sorry. I have to agree. Where we will be will probably not be bothered by mosquitoes since its not summer there and at a higher altitude. But one never knows what little critters are lurking out there just waiting for our "flesh". With all the different "flu" strains around throughout the world, I think it pays to be cautious. These were what the world travel warnings were saying were necessary to go, so that's what the DR ordered.

  10. Great light in these dream pictures, Merisi.
    About your question, I've had expositions in Florence but at the moment not in Venice. I'm glad you will visit that wonderful town: it's the first time you go there? In Venice there are so many subjects and perspectives to photograph! Have a very good trip! :-)

  11. I met the charming Georgio Tozzi, who was the real voice behind Rossano Brazzi's in the movie South Pacific. He's such a handsome and talented man, I don't know why they didn't cast him in the role.

  12. Merisi, your blog is gorgeous. I've never been to Vienna but have visited Salzburg and the Zugspitze. Austria is a beautiful country. I ate a pizza there that had fresh tomatoes on it. I had never seen fresh tomatoes on a pizza before. It was wonderful and now I most always use fresh tomatoes on mine.

    When we lived in the Bahamas, a wonderful girl from Austria cut our hair and we became good friends. She was always so homesick for Austria and I can see why.

    Thanks for stopping by my kitchen today. It gave me a chance to meet you and your fabulous blog. I shall return often.

  13. What an enchanting post, with a little night music too. Thanks for visiting me.

  14. Beautiful pictures. The palace reminds me a little bit of the Boboli Gardens in Florence in that it's a perfect place to write, read, relax and reflect.

  15. I'd rather hear YOU zing it!

  16. Beautiful images for my eyes and a wonderful song to keep in my mind.

  17. What a wonderful green place ! Love your picture of the water , so modern .


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