Wednesday 8 July 2009

Morning Roses After a Night's Rain

Where Roses would not dare to go,

What Heart would risk the way --

And so I send my Crimson Scouts

To sound the Enemy --

(Emily Dickinson)

Photographed by Merisi
early this morning
in Schönbrunn Palace's
Orangery Garden


  1. Oh merisi, I really must stop by more often to top up my well being.

    Your photographs, just like you, are simply enchanting.

  2. Wonderful pics. And paired with the Dickinson...devine!

  3. thanks for dropping by my humble blog!

    i love roses, and these look passionate and divine.

  4. A perfect pairing of pictures and poetry!

  5. Wonderful photos of these delicate roses during the last stages of there life and beautiful words by Emily D. to match!

  6. It seems to me, enjoying the visions on your blog, that you are often out early seeing beautiful things, and/or drinking coffee and eating beautiful pastries! You capture these things with amazing photos and share them with the rest of us. Thanks!

  7. gosh I love your pictures....every single one of them!
    You have my morning smell of roses! thank you!

  8. The contrast of the red and pink is gorgeous. No fashionista could carry off that combination of colours. The rain drop adds a tasteful diamond accent to the whole ensemble!

  9. your blog is beautiful! I love seeing what new on it. I actually was in vienna in April and fell in love! I think is more romantic a city than Paris.

  10. The heavy rains we have had cause me to doubly respect these beauties for keeping on. They are amazing. Let us not confuse beauty and grace for weakness.

  11. What unbelievable colors! So gorgeous! Thanks for your comment on my blog and for visiting. So happy to have discovered this lovely new place!

  12. What charming roses! I like the images backgrounds too.

  13. Your crimson scouts have sounded out us all and found we are mainly friendly. Haha.
    Pretty roses.

  14. .
    Thank you, Shrinky,
    your kind words make me feel like rewarded in gold for trying to share my beloved new hometown! :-)

    Emily Dickinson poetry continues to surprise me, her poems ought to be reread at least once a year. I feel saddened that she had to write in such sad conditions and the fruits of her labour were not collected and praised and remunerated during her lifetime.

    fortuitous faery,
    you are welcome! :-)
    These roses were such a moving sight, after another night of heavy rains, seeing them hang on for dear life, many of their petals lost by wind and rain. I found them still in dawn's light, and they looked so forelorn and enchanting.


  15. .
    Vicki Lane,
    thank you, it is such a pleasure and honour giving Emily some space! :-)

    thank you, Constance,
    as I said before, I feel priviledged, truly.

    I do not want to destroy the visions of me out there, drinking coffee often! I quite like the idea myself. ;-)

    It is true that I am often out early. One way to find time to take the pictures is being an early bird and instead of shooting the breeze, shooting pictures. ;-)

    You reminded me of one of the very first memory I have of enjoying being out and about in a city in the early morning: I was walking from Campo de' Fiori to St. Peter's Cathedral in Rome on a Sunday morning, with the streets still deserted, when the church bells started ringing just as I was crossing the bridge to Castel Sant'Angelo over the Tiber. Unforgettable. I did not take pictures yet, back then. ;-)

  16. .
    thank you for your kind words,
    I appreciate them immensely! :-)

    that raindrop was irrestible! ;-)

    Lindsay Black,
    we had a beautiful April, didn't we? Did you come in time to see the lilacs bloom? I revel in those weeks when lilac fragrance wafts from the most unexpected places.

  17. .
    I agree, Sandy,
    beauty and grace are an expression of strength!

    The rains coming down here for what seems like weeks on end - as if we had been moved into subtropical climes, with relative humidity underlining that sensation - have wrecked havoc with the roses more than once. Their first flowering was almost immediately rained up and literally washed out, yet they keep on blooming against the odds, and if only for a day.

    you are welcome!
    I am looking forward to see you again. :-)

  18. .
    thank you! These are roses blooming on a rose tree, and the soil around their stems was strewn with rose petals.

    Glennis ,
    " Your crimson scouts have sounded out us all and found we are mainly friendly."
    Now you really made me giggle,
    and I believe that the roses are right and am grateful for the generous and kind visitors here!

    Merci to all! :-)

  19. Roses, my absolute favorite! I'll bet they smell fantastic!!!

  20. I can just about smell the fragrant, wet petals.. beautiful!


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