Thursday 9 July 2009

And Out Came the Sun

In the cool early morning air,
after a night of heavy rains -

rose trees still dreaming
in dawn's blue shade -

from behind the linden trees
lining the perimeter of the garden rooms,

a few pert sunbeams escaped
and set out to dance
around the sleeping blossom beauties
with irreverent gaiety.

Photographs and Text
by Merisi
July 2009

Rose Beds
July 8, 2009
Orangery Gardens
Schönbrunn Palace


  1. wonderful flowers, the roses...

  2. There are something special with roses, and the roses at Schünbrunn are absolutely beautiful!

  3. Hi, Merisi.
    Thanks for your kind word at Nelson Daily Photo, other day.

  4. Our lindens are blooming here in Seattle and their heavy perfume rivals that of the roses.

  5. As if roses are not magical enough on their own.. you've sprinkled your own brand of pixie dust on them. Your photographic eye is wonderful.

  6. Beautiful roses, beautiful light.

    Thank you, Merisi, for the gift of your Vienna.


  7. .

    I agree! :-)
    I have this mental image of my grandmother's roses in her garden in Salzburg: a large triangular rose bed, framed by the house on one side and tall forest trees on most of the other two. Afternoons in there were magical: I would wake up from my midday nap - I was a small girl then - and look out the window at sun-dabbled roses, ivory coloured Astilbe swaying in the wind, my grandmother in the middle of it all, tending her beloved roses.

  8. .

    Elisabeth's bright side,
    yes, and I feel so blessed each time I manage to visit them.

  9. Lovely .. even in the heat they look so regal!

  10. .
    you are welcome,
    I always enjoy visiting your beautiful New Zealand images!

    oh, I so enjoy linden blossom time! Vienna is also a heaven for Linden trees, there are so many around here, every year I revel in their fragrance with abandon! They bloomed here until about three weeks ago.


  11. .
    thank you, you are very kind! :-)

    you are welcome - I feel priviledged to be able to share this beautiful city with you!

  12. Masses and masses of lovely Roses fill the summer air with perfume, a real summer delight.

  13. Well, your sun certainly has you waxing poetic here! In words and images. Lovely! It never ceases to amaze me how roses burst forth from those tight little buds. Sigh.

  14. And the itsy Bitsy spider went up the rose again.

  15. Beautiful pictures and beautiful text by Merisi :-)

  16. Merisi,

    Oh my gosh, how beautiful! your photos are lovely.

    I want to thank you for your kind words to me, I appreciate them very much!

    x lori

  17. Merisi, I've enjoyed so much these fine pictures! :-)

  18. I can just SMELL them...!!!

  19. Well said and I love the roses that are dancing with the sunlight.

  20. Gorgeous as always dear Merisi! Sorry for late respond- thank you so much for your kind words on my blog. I had too much work(2 jobs) and some health issues(everything is good now) and had no time to follow or respond to dear bloggers. You are one lovely lady. Love you!


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