Wednesday 1 July 2009

In the Blue Hour

This monument is dedicated to the memory
of the younger brother of Emperor Francis II,
Archduke Charles of Austria,
the heroe of the battle of Aspern.

"In the Battle of Aspern-Essling (21 May – 22 May 1809),
Napoleon attempted a forced crossing of the Danube near Vienna,
but the French and their allies were driven back by the Austrians
under Archduke Charles. The battle was the first time
Napoleon had been personally defeated in over a decade

From the top of the stairs
leading up to the museum in the Albertina Palais,
a view of the roof of the Vienna State Opera.

Taking a rest on the bottom steps
of the Albertina staircase,
next to a billboard
announcing an exhibition of
"Masterworks of Modern Art"

Lipizzan Horses
Evening meal at the Imperial Stables
Spanish Riding School

Apothecary's Shop

" ... since you shouldn't tarry,
And in this town there's no apothecary,
I will myself go find some herbs for you
That will be good for health and pecker too

Pertelote to Chauntecleer in
"The Nun's Priest's Tale" of
Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales"


Photographed by Merisi
on the evening
of June 25, 2009

If you'd like to linger,
click on the images
for more Viennese evenings.
Enjoy! :-)


  1. I love when you go l'heure bleu on us!!!
    Keep it up

  2. Merci, Carol! :-)

    I just realized that I forgot to mention that the quote about the Archduke is from!
    I will correct it later in the evening, right now I don't have the time.


    A beautiful day to all of you!
    I love and appreciate each and every one of your comments immensely!

  3. Oh such wonderful images, I love the stables .. the shapes contrast and compliment the apotheke shop windows/doors

  4. Those patient horses waiting for their dinner, which I suspect is hay. How fortunate for them they are allowed to look out to see those passing by.

  5. .

    every time I walk by the stables, I stop for a few minutes.

    both horses and passersby are fortunate!

  6. Love the juxtaposition of images in the Billboard picture. All I could think of was tired feet.

  7. Fabulous--I remember reading "The Nun's Priest's Tale" in college. What beautiful blues.

  8. Besides it being the "blue hour," I love the recurring cerulean hue— the shutters on the apothecary's shop, the roof, the painting, even the wheelbarrow. It's almost as if the whole city has coordinated its color schemes. Lovely shots!

  9. I love the continuity of the colour theme!

  10. You make it all look like a fairy tale place.

    Enjoyed the showers today while sitting in this 90f heat. Apparently we have someon the way.

  11. Rest on the bottom steps is an interesting picture!

  12. Oh, thanks for taking me back to my high school days of reading Chaucer and the Canterbury Tales!

  13. Merisi,

    Thank you again. I am going to carry these images with me through the busy workday that I will soon begin.

    The blue hour, those wonderful rain scenes, just wonderful moments to refresh my spirits.


  14. LOVE those turqoise shutters! The Nun's Priest's Tale"....that takes me WAY back to college English Lit class with Dr. Sale, my FAVORITE professor. Thanks for bringing back some fond memories :D


  15. I love the combination of the "billboard and the women taking a rest" photo. The colors of the billboard are beautiful!

  16. A very fine sequence, Merisi.
    Interesting the image of those persons near the roof of the Vienna State Opera (nice the lamps too).

  17. So next to being well known as a river, the Donau was a very important feature for Austria (where Napolean was driven back by the Erzherzog).
    A very interesting pic of the stairs next to that huge billboard.
    (I'm catching up with reading the blogs, for I was 10 days away for a vacation)


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