Tuesday 2 June 2009

Viennese Escapes:
Haydn Country

Does Landscape Shape Character?
Joseph Haydn
spent his early childhood

in close proximity
to this river

and the riparian forests
along it.

"In the beginning, God made Heaven and Earth;
and the Earth was without form and void;
and darkness was upon the face of the deep.

"In the spirit, God moved upon the face of the waters;
and God said: Let there be light. And there was light

Photographed by Merisi
May 17, 2009
near Rohrau,
Haydn's birthplace.

Quoted from
Robert Shaw's lyrics to
Franz Joseph Haydn's "Die Schöpfung"
("The Creation")
Hob. XXI:2


Clicking on the images
#1 and 2 through 6
to listen to
selections of various performances
of the "The Creation".

First published
in May 2009


  1. "And God saw the light, that it was good..."

    :) Love this post. I think environment does, to a point, shape some part of our character.

  2. Good morning Merisi,

    This landscape post will return to my thoughts throughout the day. It is a good question that you've posed. Your beautiful photos lead me to say yes. If someone's childhood was in an inferior landscape, would I still want to say yes?

    I will say yes, I very much like your Monday poem. That moon in the blue, blue sky casting its spell of sweetness. The pictures and words make Monday sweeter ... even Tuesday is benefitting. xo

  3. just beautiful captures...so tranquil and beautiful.

  4. Merisi...this reminds me of the Louisiana Bayou's we go fishing in!
    Love the pictures!

  5. I love this post in particular...The way you have mingled your thoughts about Haydn, Shaw's lyrics...your artistic Monet-like photos--It is all so serene...so beautiful...And I find a moment of calm and rest in the midst of a crazy world. This is simply beautiful!!! ~Janine XO

  6. I definitely think landscape shapes people. That's why I enjoy such works as Dune where you see that in action with the Fremen and the Atreides after they move there. I think it's especially true of harsh environments.

  7. Oh those are all so melodic!

  8. Wonderful pictures! So peaceful...

  9. Does Landscape Shape Character?

    quite possible. We know that the environment does.

    Beautiful pictures. It's a shame that we are losing more and more green areas day by day.

  10. Anonymous03 June, 2009

    There's such serenity in these images. I could just imagine where such landscape could take a creative mind to.

  11. Beautiful and the same time misterious place!

  12. This series is a tapestry of sight and sound. Truly mesmerizing Merisi.

  13. Thank you all for your kind comments!

    How much do our childhood's landscapes influence character and, especially, shape an artist's creative reservoir? I happen to suspect that in Haydn's case the wide open serene landscape of his youth had a lasting impact on his work.

  14. of course! thats why my CD is called Landscapes!

  15. Anonymous03 June, 2009

    Just catching up on the last few posts. Stunning imagery. Love the moon and the cherries shot!

  16. Are you still out travelling? Your photos are lovely!

    We are in Venenzia now :-)

    Did you get my email where I ask about your cell phone number?

  17. Beautiful pictures.. .I can feel the place. Really nice.

  18. My heart is beating faster...and these shots should be calming, lol! Beautiful beautiful beautiful!

  19. Merisi, I could smell the trees and hear the birds singing. I wish this was my backyard.

  20. Looking at these, you'd have to think it would certainly have an impact on someone, wouldn't you! Stunning photos, Merisi!

  21. I have just caught up with your last 3 posts. Oh what a beautiful, wonderful tribute to Haydn!

  22. The 3rd and 4th pic of the forests are absolutely gorgeous! I don't know if landscape shapes one's character...I think it probably shapes one's taste (about what is beautiful or not)

  23. I think of The Everglades!
    Bullfrogs the size of toaster-ovens!


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