Thursday 11 June 2009

Roses in the Morning

The Rose did caper on her cheek --
Her Bodice rose and fell --
Her pretty speech -- like drunken men --
Did stagger pitiful --

Her fingers fumbled at her work --
Her needle would not go --
What ailed so smart a little Maid --
It puzzled me to know --

Till opposite -- I spied a cheek
That bore another Rose --
Just opposite -- Another speech
That like the Drunkard goes --

A Vest that like her Bodice, danced --
To the immortal tune --
Till those two troubled -- little Clocks
Ticked softly into one.

"The Rose did caper on her cheek"
Emily Dickinson

Photographed by Merisi
in the Volksgarten's
Rose Garden
May 29, 2009


  1. Again...Emily Dickinson!!!! I am swept away from the everyday by all this beauty...When the roses came up on my screen, I was sure I caught a faint perfume to the air...These are crisp, so beautiful...I could reach into the photos and touch the soft, velvety petals! This is a wow, Merisi!!! I give you a standing ovation! ~Janine XO

  2. Gorgeous roses. They look like dresses... it all fits the poem you chose, so nicely.
    I am getting ready to go to work now... and looking at this has given me so much happiness in the morning. Thank you!

  3. Well, aren't they beautiful! Lovely.

  4. I kept sniffing, too...the photos are soooo good! And a great poem, of course.

    Merci, Merisi!

  5. Anonymous11 June, 2009

    I was on the phone with my dad tonight and I asked him about his former rose garden - he talked non-stop for two hours. I "think" he misses it. I sent my brother the link to here so he could share these with dad. :)

  6. I was struck by the circular forms of the roses in the third pic - a beautiful design in itself (even without the gorgeous colors)

  7. I've been loving your rose photos over the last couple of weeks.
    I especially loved the photos from Sunday 7/6 - they were glorious.
    Who couldn't love a rose??
    (My bare-rooted ones arrive soon for planting).

  8. Sush a sweet Emily Dickinson poem so beautifully complemented by the lovely roses of the Volksgarten.
    A lovely post.

  9. these look as ephemeral as cotton candy, such poignant beauty

  10. Roses for perfect poetry from a favourite poet.


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