Thursday 11 June 2009

Feast of Corpus Christi Procession

The Botanical Garden
of the University of Vienna

The garden covers 20 Acres,
and is immediately adjacent to the parks
of the Belvedere palaces
and the Belvedere Alpine Garden.

Corpus Christi Procession
of the Mary Mother of God parish.

A small gate in the garden wall
allows access from the church grounds
to the garden beyond.

After celebrating mass on the Feast of Corpus Christi,
which this year is celebrated on May 22,
a processon was being held,
leading through the Botanical Gardens,
and back to the church grounds.

"Many English-speaking countries
celebrate the Feast of Corpus Christi *
on the Sunday after Trinity Sunday —
on the Sunday after the traditional
Thursday celebration in other countries
Source: Wikipedia

Agape Feast *
After the procession returned to the church,
the parish members, and guests like me,
were invited to refreshments
in the church yard.

Church of Mary Mother of God
Jacquingasse 53

For more information,
click on the picture above.


Photographed by Merisi
in the
Botanical Garden
of the University of Vienna

Rennweg and Jacqingasse
May 23, 2008


  1. ah, i needed that green - as much as i can get - i like a nice gray day as well as the next person but its been, like, forever...

  2. Hello! :-)

    I had to copy my own pictures off last year's post because my old external hard drive refuses to allow me access to the 2008 archive (somewhat disturbing, to say the least).

    It is surprising to experience how easy it is to "steal" one's own pictures! I have seen my pictures on other people's blogs (no acknowledgement of the author), even commercial sites (they at least had a link to my blog, even though they judiciously avoided to put my name there and the fact, that they had appropriated a copyright image without authorization).

    For a year or so there is another blog around that at times could be mistaken for mine, and I have come to take it as a compliment, seeing how that new blogger visited mine so frequently before. ;-)

    I have also learned to expect nothing from food or travel writers who spend hours grazing through my blog, even asking in emails for "insider tips" - only to forget to mention where they got this information and not even bother sending me the promised issue, even though they had agreed to do so in writing.

    All this rant brings me to the question I wanted to ask:

    I have already reduced the quality of my pictures to make it not too easy on thieves: Have any of you any understanding how much protection watermarking offers?

    Thank you! :-)

  3. Merisi, I can't tell you've reduced the quality, they are so beautiful.I wish I knew how to add my blog name to mine like I see others do.I don't think anyone wants to "hike" mine but I would like to have my name on them!

  4. Your pictures are gorgeous so I can understand why people (companies) would want to use them but I don't understand why they don't give you the credit!

    I wish I could answer your question about the copyright, but I can't....:-(
    I do wonder if it differs from country to country though... If you show that your stuff is copyright than you should be able to ask the "abusers" to either pay up or stop using your photos. It could be a pain to spend precious time for things like that but they are your precious pictures!

  5. What lush foliage and what a great peek at this occasion ...

  6. Mmmmm...that wine looks so good!

  7. These are gorgeous.
    So old world.

  8. Oh, Merisi!!!

    How horrible!!!! I think you should do everything possible to protect your art!!! Can you put your name on the photos and copyright date mark somewhere on the pictures themselves? And how does one fix it so that a picture can't be downloaded...(I wish I knew how to do it. Let me know if you figure it out) I don't understand htmls well enough, but I think that Fletch might know...he's a computer whiz...and may be a friend of David's... I believe...

    This post is so beautiful!!! What a wonderful opportunity it was for you to join as a guest!!! And the botanical gardens are gorgeous!! What a wonderful life you have!!! Thanks so much for sharing it with US!!! ~Janine XO

  9. I wish I could help but haven't a clue. I can certainly see how your gorgeous photography would be tempting to others.

    As always I enjoyed my mini-vacation in Vienna!

  10. The church through the trees. A lovely image.

  11. The sixth photo in this series.
    They all are.
    But this one.
    The fragility.
    The focus.

    This photo is an improvement of creation.
    No, not an improvement, there is no such thing.
    A compliment.

  12. Merisi, I've enjoyed a lot this wonderful sequence of photographs! They are much better than a movie!
    This is only a suggestion, of course: why don't you put your signature on the pictures? I think it's a good way to protect them, isn't it?

  13. Magpie,
    too much grey sky for too long is depressing. I hope your sky turns blue soon!

    Carol @ TheWritersPorch,
    there are various watermarking programs around. I will share the information when and if I manage to learn about a simple one (for beginners, that is!). ;-)

    because the can? ;-)
    I find equally disappointing when a company, journalist asks for permission/information, then forgets to send the promised issue/brochure/whatever. I understand that there are cutbacks everywhere, but here is no payment involved.

    Anybody respectful of a copyright can see that the pictures are copyrighted (on the sidebar and also embedded in the html). Abusers simply ignore it, betting that I don't want to spend my time chasing after them.

    it was a wonderful morning a really special encounter: I had been photographing in the Alpine Gardens nearby, when I heard singing from the Botanical Garden below and followed the voices.

  14. Lynette,

    "...that wine looks so good!" -
    couldn't help but hear "Dies' Bildnis ist bezaubernd schön!"

  15. Juju,
    old world, indeed,
    I am reminded of that every time I walk past the excavations on Michaelerplatz and Hoher Markt. The Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius - in then "Vindobona" - died here more than 1800 years ago!

  16. Sniffles and Smiles,
    thank you, Janine,
    I am collection information!
    I walk through the gardens whenever I can.

    Vicki Lane,
    thank you! :-

    Charles Gramlich,
    only yesterday, Thursday, did I take another picture of the church towers, against stormy weather clouds.

  17. cipriano,
    thank you, Cip,
    I appreciate your compliment! :-)

    grazie, Pietro!
    I am gathering information about watermarking, but I do not know of it will truly protect the pictures.

    fortuitous faery,
    yes, indeed! :-)

  18. I don't know how I missed so many of your posts lately. Fascinating as usual. I so enjoy coming here.

  19. The photos of the botanical garden are lovely.

    Merisi, I understand your rant over your photos, as even the photos I use from the flickr commons are often reused without the proper citation. Many blogs I visit have only 'from flickr commons' attached to the photos with no attribution to the artist or fair use.


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