Sunday 21 June 2009

Roses And Macarons On Midsummer's Eve

After a day of relentless rains,
the sun broke through the clouds
just as she had begun to set,

and in the very moment
I had left Dommayer's Café and walked out
through their beautiful garden.

I caught the roses with the raindrops
in the beautiful soft light of
midsummer's eve,

minutes before the evening sank
into the Lapis Lazuli of the "Blue Hour".

These macarons
have graced my home for a month now.

I could not bear to eat them,
so I gave them a place of honour
and to my delight,
they keep nicely,

greeting me every morning
with a smile.

Dommayer's Roses and Demel's
Rose and Pistacchio Macarons
photographed by Merisi,
June 20, 2009

There are pictures
behind the pictures,
all you need to do
is click on them!
Enjoy! :-)


  1. Your photos are always delicious.. even the non-edibles.. maybe especially them. :)

  2. Vedy, vedy pretty!
    Vienna macaronerie!
    The roses are 2D4!!!

  3. These pastel pinks and greens are so yummy! But how disciplined of you to save your macarons.

    I wish that we would get some rain for the parched garden; it has been threatening all day, but so far, no refreshment.

  4. A tiny bouquet of macarons? How sweet! Just be careful not to get crumbs up your nose if you sniff them.

  5. Each rose is so unique and beautiful. And your macarons are like little flowers themselves.

    Happy Midsummer's Eve to you.

  6. Ahhhhh, pink and green! Such a lovely and soothing color combination.

  7. I want to eat up everything I am looking at. So very scrumptious!

  8. loooove the pinks and the light greens. they're so pastel-perfect together!

  9. A feast for the eyes and the palate.

  10. Those macarons are very tempting.

  11. Oh what a delicious treat viewing those photos and the ones 'behind' them ...

  12. I agree, too pretty to eat. This post is so delicate...just gorgeous.

  13. So, there is someone else who keeps macarons beyond their prime!

  14. Beautiful flowers, Merisi.

  15. You have a knack for photographing roses. I am especially in awe when you photograph the not-so-perfect or dying ones, and they look as beautiful as the flawless ones.

  16. Wow pink roses and cakes - a winning combination!


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