Tuesday 23 June 2009

Rainy Day Roses

Photographed by Merisi
June 23, 2009
Inn River County
Upper Austria


  1. Rain does magical things to flowers -- bedecking them with diamonds.

  2. what a visual delight! Loveliness...adore bi-colour flowers very much~

  3. I hope the rain is coming our way! My roses are parched. As I was watering them today, I kept wanting to run and get the camera. The raindrops on their petals is so very beautiful, isn't it?

    I tend to buy pastel roses, but those vivid fushcia ones are very appealing.

  4. Great roses - I'll be winter-pruning ours very soon!

  5. Merisi you have such lovely posts.
    Since my brother died I have not had the heart to visit much. Your roses remind me that although rain takes the blom off the roses for a while, it is also necessary for them to grow.

  6. How lovely! I can almost smell the scent of the roses and feel the moisture in the air.

  7. Everything is SO beautiful there because of the rain you get. It hit 100 yesterday in Dallas....and now everything will start turning brown. Our spring is over :C If you get a chance, stop by my site. There are beautiful roses there, but of the sugar variety :D !!!

    Happy Wednesday, Merisi.....

  8. Rain refreshes everything it touches.


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