Saturday 13 June 2009

In the Early Morning Light

A flustered ray of sunlight
found himself kissing a single white rose
in a sea of red, orange and yellow.

Sneaking past the celeriac,
another sunbeam reached over carrots and leeks,
curiously studying the message on the slip of paper.

The rays grew bolder
and embraced full trays of raspberries
and pots of honey.

A bucketful of yellow daisies
clamored with a tableful of amber honey
for the sun's attention.
"Stand still, customer approaching!" -
hissed the tall blue crate.

"Ah!", moaned the asparagus with pleasure,
"I love it when you
tickle my toes

"What was he thinking?"
grumbled the potatoes, tossing and turning,
"We'll turn as green as broccoli if he doesn't cover us!"

"Fried Green Potatoes!"
The tomato plants shook with laughter.

Tired of vegetables
too selfish to appreciate
courting in the morning hour,
the sunbeams began to woo the roses ardently,
hoping to charm them into romance:
"Think, would it not be
Sweet to live with me
All alone, my child, my love?
There, were restraint and order bless
Luxury and voluptuousness
?" *


This romance
at the Farmers' Market
was witnessed by Merisi
this Saturday morning,
June 13, 2009,
Yppen Platz
16th District

*Charles Baudelaire
L'invitation au voyage
"Mon enfant, ma soeur,
Songe à la douceur
D'aller là-bas vivre ensemble!"
"Là, tout n'est qu'ordre et beauté,
Luxe, calme et volupté."


  1. Wonderful, marvelous, fabulous, not to mention colorful and amusing. This is great Merici!
    Thank you for making me smile!


  2. Gentle readers,
    I hope it is not too annoying for those of you who subscribe to my blog when I continue to correct a post after having published it. I find it easier to edit once I read the published format.
    Do you get a dozen notices when I do that?

    Besides that,
    I wish you all a wonderful weekend,

  3. A magical tour of a magical market! Thanks for taking us along!

  4. A magical tour of a magical market! Thanks for taking us along!

  5. You really do make the vegetables, fruit and flowers come alive!

  6. What a delightful tour, Merisi. I never knew fruits and vegetables could have such personality!

  7. This is delightful! And so very Merisi.
    Thank you so much for your thoughts the other day, Merisi. I am always amazed at how many kind and generous people I've met through blogging. Enjoy your weekend.

  8. such diverse posts this week. But every one touches me!
    thank you

  9. simply a brilliant post.

  10. You're pictures are totally delicious!

  11. A wonderful market with so many selections to choose from! I have difficulty choosing at the best of times, but I think I'll buy one of everything.

  12. oh, Oh, OOOH! What beauty of concept, colour and charm not to mention ROMANCE!!!

  13. Ah Merisi, so that is how the early sun greets the markets in Vienna. What an elegantly continental approach!

    Please know that from this reader's vantage point, no apology is required. No multiple notices, only one delightful invitation to a beautiful place.

    Best wishes. xo

  14. Early morning and late day light is magical, isn't it? Beautifully done.

  15. Your words charm as much as your photos. Thanks for sharing your city.

  16. Love the play of light here. You narrate it so well too.

  17. hello, I have just called in from Britt-Arnilds she is having a super time :-) I love her blog, it is sooo calming.

    I like your blog too, I love Farmers markets, so interesting. Will call in again for a read.

  18. Anonymous15 June, 2009

    I love morning sun! It is so cheerful and refreshing. Lately it's been cloudy so I miss it.

  19. Jetz föhlen nur die Geigen! Servus, BB.

  20. Stunning pictures! A visual feast! It just brighten up my day x

  21. I wish I were in Vienna right now for the incredible farmers market!


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