Saturday 9 May 2009

Suddenly Summer

Aiming to Capture
the moment when ...

The Summer Wind
came blowing in -
from across the sea

It Lingered There,
so warm and fair

Two Macarons,
and a Melange,
in the summer wind

The Morning's Papers There,
all but forgot' and blown away,
by the summer wind ...

And Who Will Dream
of coffee laced
with iced cream,
through summer days that never end:
My sweet friend,
the summer wind

I Wished the Dream Would Never End
and this Streetcar
would not be the "D"esire,
stopping at the Belvedere,
to take me home -
sweet irony -
with the summer wind.

All images photographed by Merisi
on May 14, 2008
between 5 and 6pm
at Belvedere Palace
and Dommayer's Café,
under a blue sky and
temperatures in the eighties -
a beautiful summer day,
just like the one we enjoyed today,
May 9, 2009


  1. It's really the time for Eiskaffee!

    Summer, welcome! ;-)

  2. It is indeed, Eugenia! :-)
    I spent the afternoon at a food fair in the Stadtpark and afterwards running some errands. I came home completely exhausted and decided to start mother's day early: I shall spend the evening reading a book. And tomorrow, I wished for a morning at Cafe' Dommayer, breakfast in their beautiful garden, reading all the papers until I get bored. Things that is, which I usually never get to do.

    A beautiful mother's day to all you mothers out there, and to you kids too! :-)

  3. I absolutely LOVE the photo of the sparrow. A question: what does a macaron taste like? Is it light and flaky? Cookie-like, wafer-like, meringue-like? I need to find some!

  4. Steph,
    hard to describe a macaron.
    Demel's rose macaron for example has a thin crunchy outer layer, the texture reminiscent of a meringue. The airy inside of the macaron itself melts with a juicy burst of flavor, giving way to the buttercream-like fruity filling, which also is airy and light. In short, a heavenly delight.

    With apologies to dear little rose macaron for my inadequate poetic vocabulary,

  5. here it was also really warm! 30 degrees already! wonderful weather!

  6. Eiskaffee in Europe is much better than the too sweet frappucino here, but what can I do, I live here...cookies are an other item Europe is much better at, of course they had centuries of more practice at it, LOL

  7. Beautiful words and pictures as always. Is it just my imagination and your pictures or is Vienna really the cleanest place in the world?

  8. Ah, the poetry of the summer wind...and a coffee stop.

  9. Merisi,
    amazing that it is mothers' day here too...
    Lovely coffee stop thank you -I am all abuzz now...
    Happy Days

  10. No need to point out which picture is my favourite :-)

  11. Wonderful... we travelled quite frequently on the D last weekend. I love your city. And I took millions of photos in Franziskanerplatz. Wish I were back there now!

  12. Anonymous10 May, 2009

    You certainly have a talent for showing the best your city has to offer - wonderful!

  13. Alles Gute zum Muttertag an alle Muetter.

    Macarons are a tinly little bite of clouds in the sky. For me.

  14. What a lyrical and beautiful day!

  15. Yes, the warmth of the hues do suggest a changing of the season. It looks hot too. Is it humid? I like how you take care of yourself. Happy Mother's Day to you too!

  16. ParisLunch13 May, 2009

    Happy haiku!
    I love these pictures together!

  17. I have so much to catch up on, and you have such wonderful shots! Where have I been???


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