Monday 11 May 2009

Morning in the City

Where in the World?
Where in Vienna?
Remember yesterday's post?
We are still searching!

That was a bright idea of mine -
wasn't it?
Nevermore, I say -
no more guessing games -
too risky to remain stuck with it.
Forever and ever!

To get out of this conundrum, hopefully,
I reveal more clues as to the identity of
the last owner of the farmhouse
in yesterday's post:
He loved to breakfast
in splendid solutitude
in a room with a view

in the building above.
He was no jogger,
but he often went for long walks
with a special lady friend of his.
His wife was known
to write poems
in the South,
on the Mediterranean Sea
(the sea, a wise choice,
lakes did not become her!).


  1. I'm afraid your person is still a mystery.
    I look forward to 'the reveal' then I will move in to the farmhouse.

  2. Looks like a side view of the Gloriette,
    but where is the farmhouse?
    Quite certain you are talking about Emperor Franz Josef and Frau Schratt having Guglhupf und Kaffee
    while Sisi stayed away, although not long enough, from Lake Geneva.

  3. I was thinking perhaps Lord Byron, but maybe it's Robert Browning?

    I was in Vienna in 1977 (as a girl of 16). I found it the most delightful city and have always wanted to go back.


  4. Soon I will be there......soon I will be there......soon I will be there :-)

  5. I'm going to say Hietizing, and Joseph Strauss II

  6. my thoughts would be inclined to the Brownings- as she of course liked Italy.
    as always enjoy your lovely photos. have a terrific evening.

  7. I'm going to say Robert Browning as well, Anglo-centric as that guess is.

    Another lovely post!

  8. My vote is for FJ and Sisi, though I am puzzled by the nags at me as familiar steps yet does not draw to memory.

    I loved yestedays clues too...I think that Schonbrunn and surrounds (if I am right) is rather more than an average garden !

  9. Percy Bysshe Shelley?

    I like the way you have so cleverly embedded your haiku.

  10. Now that's an amazing haiku!

  11. Merisi with the magic optic lense: Your journey seems to have started in Washington, brought and brings you to Rome, Tuscany, Upper Austria and anchors you and your growing children in Vienna,
    Mine started in Upper Austria, brought me to Vienna, to Rome, to Tuscany and has temporarily anchored me in Manhattan - not since two and a half years - but almost 25...
    A grown daughter is spreading her wings into the world and adult independence -- an old mother calls me home to Vienna frequently.
    So, in the midst of intense New York working days, surrounded by more skyscrapers than I like to count, I find moments of serenity, of quiet, of nostalgia and sheer delight when I open your photo blog during lunch break almost every day. I can dream myself into the landscapes, smell the perfume of flowers, Melange and pastries. I love your latest guessing game! Thank you, Merisi! And congratulations to you and your daughter. Happy summer!

  12. VERY clever lilnk between the posts.

    Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day, Merisi.

  13. Don't have a clue but love your photographs and your haiku.

  14. All I'm coming up with Auden and he didnt have a wife either. I tried.

  15. I'm in the dark on this one but your photos are stunning!

    ~ Carol ~


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