Wednesday 6 May 2009

Lilac in Bloom

Photographed by Merisi
on the 25th of April, 2009,
at Café Noi and
at the Yppen Platz
Farmers' Market
16th District


  1. Love, love, love lilacs! Gorgeous shots!

  2. Wonderful photos of the lilacs - one of my favorite flowers.
    Also, I have been following your blog for some weeks now, and oh, I admire your photograhy.

  3. Spring is beautiful in Vienna! I especially like the juxtaposition of the flowers and the wine— talk about lovely smells and tastes!

  4. Spring in Vienna is beautiful! I especially love the picture of the flowers and wine— talk about a wonderful juxtaposition of smells and tastes.

  5. the colours! they are bursting with life..

  6. what fabulous lilacs, that has got to smell sooo heavenly

  7. Anonymous06 May, 2009

    I've been absent for a couple of weeks - have enjoyed catching up on your fair city! :)

  8. So many gorgeous lilac tones! I can almost smell them. Our lilac bushes are just bearing tender little green buds at the moment. I can't wait for them to pop! Your photos will tide me over nicely until then. Merci, Merisi!

  9. These are have a special talent for making the everyday special...glad to follow you--I enjoy the eye candy!

  10. I can smell phantom lilacs right now! Not lilac season here yet...but I'm looking forward to it. Lilac bushes were the first thing we planted when we bought our new house, two years ago...knowing it would take years for them to mature. We planted three, and only two survived. Those two, however, come back a little bigger and a little stronger and more vigorous each year. In the fullness of time, they will be proud.

  11. ps - I love that photo with the umbrella.

  12. Sniffles and Smiles,
    thank you! :-)

    and thank you! :-)

    Jade Shade,
    I love Spring in Vienna,
    the way it bursts forth in seemingly every corner of the city.
    Some of the farmers who offer their wares on Saturday mornings at Yppen Platz are vintners who also happen to grow flowers and vegetables, or viceversa. Most of them tend to orchards too. They all come in from the surrounding area. Many seem to be small, multi-generational enterprises.
    Thanks to their labour is is possible that that the Viennese can in local produce, much like Rome, Venice or Florence, for example.

    Right now, the markets are awash in white asparagus, grown in fields reaching practically to the eastern city gates. I only knew green asparagus, from Rome and Washington, but that White Wonder from the Marchland area is something else entirely, I could eat it morning, day and night! To truly appreciate its quality and freshness, one only needs to sample some brought in from other growing regions. Even our children noticed when I tried to switch to another variety!

  13. simon,
    I agree! :-)

    You are living in an incredibly beautiful country too, Simon! Last night I saw some scenes from Sidney's beaches. Mamma mia, where is my surf board? ;-)

  14. Maria,
    would you believe that while preparing the post I suddenly noticed that I actually smelled lilacs? Little wonder, I have an armful of lilac blossoms in a vase right beside me (on top of the sideboard, I blog from the dining room table - my so-called office is also the guestroom which happens to be taken most of the time).

  15. Seamus,
    welcome back,
    I'll have to come see what you are up to with your new friend Gryphon! :-)

  16. louciao,
    I remember lilacs blooming around Mother's Day, the second Sunday in May, when I was a child. We had an old lilac bush, just underneath my bedroom window. Some morning its blossoms' fragrance wafted in through the window. That's were my love for this beautiful plant comes from.
    Ours was of a darker violet color than the usual lilac color.

    thank you,
    I truly enjoy sharing the beauty around me! :-)

    The Wanderers' Daughter,
    I am looking forward to seeing your lilacs bloom, vicariously, on your blog! ;-)

    I like the lilac with the umbrella image too. Viennese may strenously oppose it - seeing all those treasures they can feast their eyes on - but to me the Viennese's sense of beauty shines best in the ordinary, everyday touches, like in this image: a bouquet of local flowers, casually put in a utiliarian vessel, it probably was a pickle jar in its former life, against a white-washed wall, the green umbrella next to it that costs 4 Euros at the Spar supermarket cahin, the improvised wardrobe pegs - a symphony of unintended beauty. At least to my eyes.

  17. Anonymous06 May, 2009

    wonderful flowers with very beautiful smell. and my favorite color.

    P.S. thank you for your kind comment. more info about my header photo, you can find here

  18. What captivating images you've captured!

  19. What an abundance of lilacs!! Just beautiful photos today, Merisi!!!

  20. i can't wait 'til our lilacs bloom! they're getting close. i guess we're a little farther north, so it takes a bit longer.

  21. did you? I work on weekend auctioning property all along the Sydney beaches... they are very beautiful!

  22. I am so amazed by the beautiful flowers in finds in the North. In our trip to Munich I couldn't get away from the flower market(couldn't carry the bouquet with me, either, so I got away with some seeds and bulbs!). Beautiful, I can almost inhale their perfume!

  23. Oh I can smell them now. My own are still a couple of weeks away from blooming. Just beautiful photos.

  24. all my favourites, peonies, lilacs, roses?

  25. So exquisite -- and the smell!

    We have a towering lilac bush in the garden, which is heavenly.


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