Friday 8 May 2009

As Sweet as Violets in the Spring

Viola Ice Cream
Bilberries and violet flowers
Euro 1.20 for a large scoop,
Homemade waffle-cone inluded.

A real steal
and oh so good
! :-)

Available at
Demel's streetside
Window Icecream bar
Kohlmarkt 14


More ice cream?
Click on the cone! :-)

All right,
these are two bonus pictures:
Early morning break
from strawberry shopping
with coffee melange and pink flowers.

Photographed by Merisi
at Kutschkermarkt.
18th District


  1. I must say that looks inviting, but where I am it is too cold to consider something like that right now. Spring has taken a step backwards!

  2. You have inspired fond memories of gelatos I have known and loved, dreams of others I will eat sometime in the still-distant future, and a topic for my Friday morning blog.

  3. Hi Merisi

    I have eaten my way around Italy via gelato stands - can I do the same in Austria?
    Happy icecream days

  4. Thank you Merisi,
    I needed this!

  5. Anonymous08 May, 2009

    The coffee shop in the post below is just stunning!

  6. i so miss berries and cream and lemon....yummmy

    indeed a bargain for the ice cream...i was paying upwards of 3 euro for a scoop in a mundane cone throughout my recent travels.


  7. The mauve ice cream loos delicious.
    Do you know Vivoli' in Florence just off S.Croce?
    Their home made ice cream is divine.
    "Due cento banana e marengo" --you can tell how long ago this was......

  8. Merisi, if I were a child, I'd be rolling on the floor right now...for I want THAT sweet violet ice cream NOW!!

  9. That Ice cream looks like it's own flower.

  10. Wandring Star,
    it's almost 80°F here -
    I hope Spring shapes up in your parts! :-)

    would you believe this was my first gelato cone ever at Demel's?
    The idea of violet ice cream proved irresistible, even at 6.30pm. ;-)

    oh yes, there are great gelati in Austria, many of the best are owned and run by authentic Italian families, going back several generations. Some sell gelato from March through October, then move back to their places of origin for the winter, to return with the swallows in Spring.

    happy to be there for you, Constance! :-)

    oh goodie, are you saying I should visit more Kaffeehäuser? *grin*

    now you made me swoon! Gelato al limone transports me back to Amalfi, where lemons have the size of oranges and their juice is sweet and redolent of summer days in the sun and where they make the best lemon ice cream in the world!

    I agree, Demel's gelato is an incredible bargain, especially with that great cone!

    that mauve ice cream tastes delicious too!
    Not very sweet, but not puckery either, a hightened taste sensation, hard to describe but "tastes of violets". ;-)

    I don't remember Vivoli by name - admittedly I am not a great ice cream aficionada, very occasionally only.

    Imagine, when I was a student I had about 200 Lire a day to spend - sufficient then for a cappuccino at the grand Alemagna Cafe' in Via del Corso, just down the street from my school on Piazza Firenze. That coffee bar was a cathedral to the regular coffee bars around Rome. Sadly, it's gone. Some other stupid chain establisment there now - I am still so upset about it that I don't even remember who moved in there at that great corner place. It reminded a bit of Grand Central Station, the high ceilings and the crowds mulling around.

  11. (Merisi's is grumbling with herself - she managed to delete three of the answers to your comments. She's trying to re-type them right now. *concentrateGirl!*

    Girl From Cherry Blossom Street,
    imagining you down there, kicking and screaming - a treat, what shall I add? ;-)

    thank you - I shall do my best to not disappoint you! ;-)

    Charles Gramlich,
    see, can you understand that it was impossible to resist this treat? I had heroically walked out of Demel's - even though their apfelstrudel had looked so tempting! - and then I realized that this may possibly be the only place in the world where I would ever get to have a taste of violet ice cream!

  12. Very reasonably priced - a bit too cold here for ice-cream some days but the bluebells are indeed blooming - earmarked to post some on Hyde DP 17th May!

  13. The violet gellato looks stunning. I don't think I could ignore that tastey enticement.

  14. How Fun! I just stumbled upon your blog through a comment you left on Paris Breakfasts! What a great discovery!

  15. Love these photos. Thank you so much. I used to live in Vienna and getting a cone at Demel's was a favorite thing of mine... Pistazien und Malaga was what I always got back then. Thanks again for sharing!

  16. Oh! I'm so glad I clicked on the picture! Ice cream fairies, I like that idea.

  17. Any time, Merisi, is the right time for eating gelato but 6:30 pm is ideal!

  18. With this evidence, I must conclude that Vienna is the most beautiful city in the world!

    I love the purple of that gelato.


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