Monday 27 April 2009

Urban Spring

Apple Blossom Time
in the city

Natur and
Urban graffiti

Looking Up
The skies are
of the deepest blue

A Square within the Square
Behind the busy market place,
benches and basketball hoops
invite to quiet contemplation
or a quick ball game.

Simply Looking Up
may be all you need
for a relaxing market day experience

Photographed by Merisi
Saturday, April 25, 2009
Behind the market stalls at
16th District

Would you like to see more flowers
from around the world?
Click on the above image
to visit Luiz Santilli Jr's
"Today's Flowers" -


  1. Oh wow... the apple blossoms are indeed very beautiful. Apple doesn't grow here, so I could only admire it from the pictures.

    My entry to Today's Flowers is now posted here. Happy Monday!

  2. That graffeti is amazing. I love the cherry blossoms and the lilacs from the previous post. Lilacs are my favorite. The remind me of my dad's mom. She was such a gracious lady.

  3. Gorgeous images of Vienna.
    makes me want to visit this summer.

  4. wonderful apple blossom flower, i love the light pink color so pretty.

  5. What a beautiful contrast between the apple blossoms and the azur sky! Do apple blossoms have a fragrance? We're under a flash flood warning all day here in Dallas....what a delight to visit your site this morning. :D Happy Monday, Merisi!

  6. Beautiful apple blossoms! A ggod contrast between the graffiti and the flowers.

  7. Fabulous! After seeing these, I don't think I will ever have the courage to photograph again....LOL

  8. Oh, some of these shots with the blue skies and green in the background are just mesmerizing, Merisi. You did good! Just makes me sigh. I love spring!

  9. From foowing your blog, I believe that Vienna is pure paradise. I wonder how it will be to actuay come there :-)

  10. hello
    I am french
    I love your blog :
    the pictures are wonderful !
    I shall come back often serious see.
    I inscribe you in my blog.

  11. Such rich, vigorous apple blossoms! Ours were supposed to bloom this spring, but I think with all the waves of snow, they will not. Sigh. I'll just have to look at yours!

  12. great photos... it was sleeting here in the mountains on the weekend! such a contrast

  13. Very interesting shot of delicate against hard lines. The apple blossoms look like tiny wild roses growing on trees!

  14. NYC definitely has a ways to go to ctch up with Spring in Vienna!

  15. Oh that blue sky looks amazing behind the apple blossoms.

  16. This is a wonderful series of the most beautiful photos. Thank you very much for sharing them with Today's Flowers. Have a great weekend.

  17. I don't know what I like more - the apple blossoms or your photography. Both very beautiful. Thank you for sharing and delighting my senses.


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