Saturday 25 April 2009

Dreams of Spring

On the Right Bank
of the Wien River

Early Bird Breakfasters
looking over the river
to the already sunny left bank
Restaurant "Meierei im Stadtpark"

A Look Back
towards the Art Nouveau River Gate
of the Johannesgasse entrance

basking in the morning sun

The Left Bank Promenade
Friedrich Ohmann's Art Nouveau amphoras
grace the arcades of the left bank promenade

A G-Clef
lined out in white tulips

The Golden Johann Strauss
playing his fiddle one more time

Photographed by Merisi
in the Stadtpark on
Saturday, April 18, 2009


Clicking on the images
will take you on more walks
through Vienna's City Park!


  1. A lovely way to start my Saturday morning, strolling through a gorgeous park in Merisi's Vienna, while still in my pyjamas, sipping coffee. We are only dreaming of green in Atlantic Canada as yet.

  2. I spent a week in Vienna last july. What a wonderful city ! I can´t wait to go back. Your photoblog is a real delight : thank you very much.
    Dominique - France

  3. Makes me think of Dandelion wine.

  4. What a lovely cyber stroll! Thank you for sharing the beauty! You're inspiring...

  5. Grüß Gott! I hope you're having a wonderful day. The park looks absolutely lovely!

  6. louciao,
    thank you for walking on over! :-)
    I hope springs rears its head in your parts soon, coming in roaring like a lion! ;-)

    merci, Dominique,
    I appreciate your kind remarks!
    I am glad I can share some of the beauty of my new hometown. So many people have been so good to me here, so welcoming.

    Charles Gramlich,
    my neighbor, Frau F., went with me to a Dandelion meadow my first Spring here, to pluck hundreds of flowerheads. She then made Dandelion honey, very tasty. ;-)

    Sniffles and Smiles,
    you are welcome -
    thank you! :-)

    I walked through the park this past Saturday morning. Today I got up early to catch the local farmers at Yppenmarkt (Brunnenmarkt, 16th District). I had a wonderful time there, so many flowers, the vendors so friendly and the breakfast in the sunhine at Noi's was heaven.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  7. your first photo in a series is always the one that grabs you do that on purpose?
    So sweet...with the pink and grey, walking together. I love it.

  8. The Wanderers' Daughter,
    on purpose? Not really.

    I try to group the picture together so they create a theme, a flow - most of the time I do not know what I will end up with. It depends also very much on the time I have on hand, usually very little, like for yesterday's Demel post (usually when I get into some nonsense it's a sure bet that I was very short on time - so much quicker to write nonsense than doing research do give the right information!).

  9. I believe this is a sister post to my Spring greens, though yours is far greenier if there is such a word...ahem

  10. ParisBreakfasts,
    what was that about the neighbor's grass always being greener? ;-)

  11. Do you happen to know the name of those huge, weeping fir trees that are all over Austria? I've always loved them.

    I love the Stadtpark and spent a lot of time there during my first visit to Wien. Back then, Strauss was black! They gilded him not long after.

  12. Steph,
    I can ask about the fir trees. Could it be the Larch (loses its needles in the fall, Europäische Lärche - Larix decidua)?

    I did not know that Strauss was black originally!

  13. What a charming girl in the first photo.

  14. I've missed your lovely photos M my friend! I am so glad to be able to catch up on all the beauty that you share with glad to be home!

  15. Your pictres make me ache. I took my camera into the courtyard today and bludgeoned it to death with a cricket bat.

  16. Britt-Arnhild,
    I almost missed her - too sleepyheaded still (me, that is). ;-)

    Sandy McBride,
    I am so happy that you are back home and visiting here again!

    that looks like a fine Aussie way to go take a picture! ;-)

    (Seriously, you better read the instruction booklet next time - most camera does have a shutter release button that needs only light prodding!)

  17. Better go to bed:
    "cameras do have a shutter release button" - sorry!

    Badger, please promise to not badger it again with a cricket bat, will you? ;-)

  18. I Googled the Larch and that wasn't it. This is the closest I can find. The only real difference is that in Austria, they're HUGE and much greener. I saw a lot of them from the train as we came into Salzburg.

    I think I remember seeing one in your photos of your (?) back yard.

    Whatever they are, they're beautiful.

    Thanks Merisi!

  19. You have such an eye for capturing the beauty around you! I love the little girl with the scarf on her head. It just seems so ordinary but beautiful *because* of it's simplicity.


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