Tuesday 14 April 2009

Springtime in Vienna: April Light

"I have just awoken,
having dreamed of music
Andreï Makine, "Music of a Life"

"An ancient air, whose languid melody
Has secret charms that speak only to me
Gérard de Nerval, quoted by Andreï Makine in his novel
"Dreams of My Russian Summers"

..."now a car passing beyond the trees.
These sounds seemed to come
from very far away,
isolated by distance,
like signals
from an alien world.
Andreï Makine, "Requiem for a Lost Empire"

in the
First and 13th Districts


  1. Merisi, These photos are simply gorgeous...beautiful in their subjects and compositions...You are a master photographer...I am all admiration! Thank you for stopping by my blog, and for your kind and thoughtful comments...your expression of sympathy means so much to me.~Janine XO

  2. So beautiful. It's like the definitive spring.

  3. I've really come to appreciate beautiful flowers since I've grown up.

  4. Gorgeous floral photography!

    The Dewvoid is a made-up word, which was created by my storm chasing friends. As a storm chaser, it is necessary for there to be severe weather, which to chase. Unfortunately, there never seems to be any chasable weather where I am, even when expected. My nickname is Dewdrop. Where I am is usually devoid of weather... hence, DEWVOID. Thanks for asking about it.

  5. Wow! Wow! Wow!

    Merisi, you are The Artist!
    Each pic is prettier than the last.

    Thanks for coming by my blog and reading my story of Precious the Bunny yesterday. Every now and then I'm into silly stories.

  6. I LIKE Springtime in Vienna! Thanks for sharing it with us. ;-)


  7. I just love the Music of these flowers and the Spring Concert.
    So lovely Merisi.

  8. You find extraordinary beauty all around you. Thanks for sharing it so generously.

  9. I simply adore trees with light colored bark.
    Beautiful picture!

  10. THat first photo is just exquisite! My favorite part of spring is not so much the bright colors, but the lacy scrim of the frailest blooms against rough winter bark.

  11. Must find my way to Vienna one day!

    It really is very Springy there!
    Where did all that snow go...?
    I hope you're outside dancing an homage to Spring...ahem

  13. Wonderful photos of the arrival of spring! The photos convey a freshness not felt at any other time of year.

  14. Merisi, I thank you so much for your comments!

    The tulip leaves are out in precise order block by block along Park Avenue. Think that one more warm day may bring out the blooms.

    Please do read the following with care. The Plaza Hotel, home to Eloise, was sold some years to Donald Trump. Google if needed to learn more about his enterprises.

    The building is now in its early stages after being transformed into a condominium, still bearing on the first floor names such as the Oak Room. It is not the same at all.

    Diagonally across the street where the traditionally wonderful toy store FAO Schwartz stood, with its December intricate toy electric trains delighted generations, is now the men's store of posh shop Bergdorf Goodman.

    Immediately across Fifth Ave from the Plaza (and yes, there is still a little garden square there) is the former General Motors Building. GM no more a name for a building ... not too sure if it is still a name for a company.

    CBS has a presence there, as does Apple computer company. Not as romanatic as its past look. There is still a bit of room left for FAO, but it's a bit plastic.

    So, please continue to think of the Park Avenue tulips!

    I will continue to love your posts from Vienna and other places of charm and beauty.


  15. Merisi, I have again been feasting on your wonderful posts, from reticulated eggs, through Lind bunnies, Eine kleine Nachtmusik, to the sheer poetry of spring in Vienna. Thank you for these treats.

  16. The blossoms are wonderful!!!!

    As are the egg shells a couple post below! :)

  17. I'm in love with all the beautiful colors. That one photo of the divided avenue and the lone biker is particularly beautiful.

  18. Merisi,

    How adore the spring flowers. The tulips and daffodils on the street strip are charming. Beautiful work, as always!

  19. I can breathe more freely just looking at the photo's!

  20. Merisi, thank you for these beautiful glimpses of your wonderful Vienna. My favorite photo is the one of the boulevard and the biker.

    Congratulations on being included in David's "Posts of the Day." You should be there every day!

  21. How absolutely beautiful Spring is for you, and how beautifully you have captured it! That green patch of grass is just beyond words. (I live in the desert... what little grass we had is certainly not that green yet.)

    Congratulations on Authorblog's POTD!

  22. I wish I could convey the beauty of the spring in Budapest as well as you do with Vienna--wonderful photos!

    I miss coffee and cakes, though...

  23. Oh my, isn't this beautiful.

    .....and to think that I might finally be in Wien in two months....

    I'll email you privatey about my Venezia and Wien plans.

  24. How wonderful to see those silver birches... very Klimtisch. Am coming to Vienna next month, so will be posting more about the city myself!

  25. Music of my Life...fabulous!


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