Wednesday 15 April 2009

Tax Day Evasions

Alright, Who Was It?
Crazy glue is not
for birds!

The Crime Scene
Calling all the detectives!
Währinger Strasse, 21

Fortuna Kinderwagen
Fortuna Prams
Once upon a time,
Fortuna Pram Manufacturers sold
their wares in this store,
corner of Währinger and Lackiererstrasse.

Nice try,
but Beethoven never lived here!
(Quite a feat, since he managed to move
at least five dozen times, to more than
60 residences all over Vienna

One of the city's
incredibly efficient street cleaners,
officially know as
Department MA48.

Lackierer- and Beethovengasse
Two of the cities'
many One-Way Streets.

Garnisongasse 15
Austrian National Bank
This is what you see,
when you turn the corner
of Währinger Strasse 21
into Lackierergasse
and look straight ahead
towards the end of the street.
To reach Garnisongasse,
you pass the buildings shown above.

Facing Garnisongasse 15,
looking up to your right,
you turn at least a century back,
to read the time
off this clock.

I think it's time
for coffee
! :-)


April 6, 2009,
in the 9th District


  1. Would you like to see more of the 9th District? Click on the images!

    Enjoy! :-)

  2. oooooowww!

    clicking is GOOD
    for the 9th district!


    {{ that Beethoven!
    he never slept
    in the same place twice,
    it seems }}

  3. Wonderful, comme toujours! Bet it takes an army of cleaners to keep Vienna sparkling.

  4. I had to laugh about the Beethovan place where he never lived.

  5. The words TAX DAY is causing my ears to ring and brain to shut down.

  6. and on the day I received my tax return forms too!!

    the architecture reflects your mood today!?

  7. Time for coffee? Please may I dwell more on some of those sights that you depict?

  8. The 9th district is lovely. I like that they clean their streets--that's a big job for one guy there, though! No big equipment-street cleaners, eh?

  9. What a lovely tour! Yes, you deserve a cup of coffee now.

  10. Can I be so bold as to ask what equipment you are using? :)

  11. I forgot all about tax day! This was a very nice diversion. I really love the bank photo.

  12. somepinkflowers,
    Beethoven sort of liked progressive composing, ;-)

    my street has recently been scrubbed and washed, imagine! :-)

    Charles Gramlich,
    smile! :-)

    today is the 16th,
    all that's left to do is waiting for the refund. ;-)

    Fat, frumpy and fifty,
    there may be some connection to my mood ... *smile*

    Wandring Star,
    you are welcome to linger! ;-)

    A Brush with Color,
    it is not the lack of big equipment, but more a question of being able to clean without disturbing the quiet of the city, I think.

    thank you! :-)

    I use a Nikon DSRD and a small LUMIX camera.

    how about a spoonful of sugar? ;-)

    an interesting building, isn't it?
    I like the way it sits among the older buildings.

  13. I've popped onto your lovely blog, Merisi. Your photography leaves me breathless. I loved "birdbath" also love that your streets are so spotless. Thanks for the tour. Enjoy your coffee... Hugs

  14. Wow, this bring memories! As a refugee from the Soviet Union, I lived with my parents and 2 other refugee families in a rented apartment in Beethoven Hof in the summer of 1979. Nothing changed in that apartment at the time since WW2! Plates in the cupboard had swastika painted on the bottom:-) I also remember Kinderwagen store in the corner!

  15. What business is being transacted in Beethoven Hof these days? Last time I was in Vienna 10 years ago, I think there was some fancy art gallery there. And when did Kinderwagen close? Is it Chinese competition or Viennese not having enough babies:-)

  16. Leo,
    I will check both the Beethoven Hof and the Kinderwagen business, next time I am in the area!
    The British (MacLaren) have been pretty innovative with the newer types of prams, the so-called strollers, as have the Italians.

  17. Thank you, Merisi! You are lucky to live in Vienna:-)


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