Tuesday 31 March 2009

Where to Go On A Rainy Evening in Spring

Keep falling

Keep falling

Keep Falling
Keep falling

Keep falling

Keep Falling
On my head

Yes, the raindrops
kept falling on my head umbrella,
but the beauty of this garden
was not marred by them.

Beyond the pond and the trees,
behind the retaining wall,
lies yet another of the hidden beauties
of the Belvedere neighborhood:
The Alpine Garden of
the Upper Belvedere.

The Botanical Gardens of the
University of Vienna

Located next to the
Gardens of the Belvedere

in the early evening hours
of Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Botanical Gardens
of the University of Vienna

have three entrances:
The easiest to find is the one
through the Alpine Garden
of the Upper Belvedere.
That's the entrance I found
on an early Sunday morning last May:
I was photographing in the Alpine Garden,
when I heard singing from the garden below
and followed the voices.

Click on this flower
for images of that
sunny day in May 2008, taken during the
"Feast of Corpus Christi Procession"
in the Botanical Gardens.


All images
- when clicked upon -
will lead to more pictures
and also links to the
website of the University
for more information
about the Botanical Gardens.


  1. Merisi, if I may say so, it seems to me that you have a very special talent to bring such life to your pictures on a day which is evidently wet and gloomy. The daffodils are simply gorgeous. It appears that you have found spring in Vienna after all :-)

  2. That second picture is wonderful!

  3. Simply beautiful post!!!
    I love spring rain and your have captured it just perfectly with dripping catkins and splashing raindrops in the pond. I almost feel as tf I were there.
    Bring a garden nut and also nutty on the Alps, I would dearly like to investigate the Alpine garden as well as spend a few days/weeks in the Botanical Gardens.

  4. The first pic is a kind of perfection!

  5. What a beautiful post--each image is breathtaking. I did see your iris--how stunning. And those peonies and the procession in some of the photos were amazing. I didn't realize the greens you had in those other photos were actually verdigris! I wasn't aware the rooftops were copper. Interesting! I've always loved that verdigris color, but didn't realize they were really copper. Thanks for the education.

  6. Perhaps because of being raised by farmers I almost always find rain a welcome and pleasant thing. Floods now, that's a different matter.

  7. That first photo is extra special!

  8. Very lovely photographs, Merisi. I've enjoyed them so much!

  9. Lovely photos! Interesting ones of the Palace and surrounds in previous post.

  10. It is also raining in Provence , now ... SO

  11. Thank you all so much for taking the time to leave a comment. I appreciate them immensely.

  12. Gorgeous. It's still too cold here for flowers. These pictures make me feel hopeful.

  13. Just stunning, Merisi!! I love alpine gardens. We have a beautiful one in Vail - my former home. But these are just gorgeous, and the light is so unique. Colorado light is just bright blue and gold - there isn't a lot of moodiness to it.

  14. Your photography astounds me Merisi! I love your blog - love coming and catching up with you. Thank you ;-)


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