Tuesday 31 March 2009

Belvedere's Gardens at Sunset, 2

Upper Belvedere Palace
Parapet Figures above the South façade

Upper Belvedere Palace
View of the northest corner
from the garden between the Upper
and the Lower Belvedere Palaces

Belvedere Gardens
Sphynxes guarding the Upper Belvedere Palace
and the recently restored gardens
between the two palaces.

Pretty in Sphynx
At the bottom of the gardens,
the Lower Belvedere Palace.

Upper Belvedere Palace
North façade

The Upper Belvedere offers
one of the best views over the city of Vienna

The Palace Gardens
The Lower Palace and the Orangerie below
leave a sweeping view of the inner city
with St. Stephen's cathedral in the center,
the vineyards of the 19th District
and the Vienna Woods beyond.

Prince Eugene of Savoy's
Belvedere Palace
Prinz-Eugen-Strasse 27
Vienna, Third District


Saturday at sunset
March 28, 2009


  1. Beautiful pictures, gorgeous colours and the captions make me smile :-)
    "Pretty in Sphynx", indeed!

  2. Travelling to your world from mine is like stepping from the hinterland into a realm of enchantment. Thank you for the respite.

  3. Jeannette St.G.31 March, 2009

    Beautiful, beautiful, not enough words to desribe it. Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. The evening light really enhances the buildings and statues. Lovely post.

  5. oh, Merisi: so many wardrobes to push through. You are so clever.

  6. Wow! Belvedere gardens look beautiful. What do you call that green roof color--I have always been drawn to that. It's so lovely. These are wonderful.

  7. a magic place, indeed!

  8. Hey! nice post!!
    it's my first visit visit to this blog and i got to say it's really amazing!!
    beautiful work to say the least :D

  9. Super sequence, great views! :-)

  10. Thank you all so very much,
    now on to your blogs! :-)

  11. The Bel. Gardens picture seems better because of the couple in the image. It's gives it a sort of perspective I really appreciate.


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